Monday, July 18, 2011

Republicans vs. President Obama and the Debt Ceiling Continues

Late last week, President Obama gave the Republicans a 35-hour deadline to present a plan to keep the nation from defaulting.

That deadline has now officially come and gone… without the Republicans caving to Obama’s ridiculous demands to raise the debt ceiling – and taxes along with it – to compensate for the unjustified spending spree the government has been on and doesn’t want to turn away from.

Considering the very strong statements House Speaker John Boehner has been making the last few weeks, I’m not completely surprised that he held strong on his position, though this could still be seen as a miracle all the same.

But what is far less shocking is the Obama administration-whipped Moody’s response to the news that Republican lawmakers actually do have spines.

According to the credit agency, we can solve our problems very simply by just getting rid of the debt ceiling altogether. After all, Moody’s argues, we’re one of the few countries that even bothers with one.

That would be a brilliant idea if pigs flew on wings and tomorrow didn’t matter. But since they don’t and it does, it seems high time we just face the facts and admit that our government is filled with more shopaholics than a mall filled with teenaged girls with their daddy’s credit cards.

It’s high time they grew up and admitted there are limits for a reason.

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