Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Example of Our Disingenuous President at Work

Obama is about as good at keeping his stories straight as a cheating spouse with 15 lovers.

The only difference is that a cheating spouse is still good for a divorce payout. Obama doesn’t even have that much going on for him

Despite what Obama might like to tell us on the campaign trail, the American economy is not recovering. It’s getting worse.

Just ask everybody who is still out of a job after two and a half years of him promising to make unemployment his first priority… and then focusing on his little pet projects instead.

Or check out the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P, which fell 512, 136 and 60 points respectively yesterday, or 4.31%, 5.08% and 4.78%... losing a lot of people a lot of money because nobody has any hope that his debt deal will actually do anything worthwhile.

Even according to his own words, Obama is, at best, teetering on the edge of disgrace.

Yesterday, in the American Spectator, David Catron very kindly reminded us how, “In February of 2009, President Obama went on the Today Show to discuss a variety of issues, including his plan to turn the economy around. When asked about the consequences of failure for his presidency, he replied with unusual frankness: “I will be held accountable… If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

Now, to be fair, it hasn’t quite been three years yet. But even die-hard Democrats are losing hope in him by now. Everybody is worrying about a double-dip recession – as if we’ve ever really left the last one – and the misery index is shooting up like Jimmy Carter is president again.

Plus, something tells me that, six months down the road, he’ll still be the same disaster he is today. Not that he’ll acknowledge it, of course.

Not surprisingly, he’s singing a very different tune today. At a recent fundraiser, Obama “acknowledged the change he promised… has been slow to come,” as CNN so tactfully put it.

“When I said change we can believe in, I didn’t say change we can believe in tomorrow.” The elitist donors in attendance all laughed at this exceedingly non-clever joke made at the expense of all the poor, ignorant fools he conned in 2008. “Not change we can believe in next week… we knew these challenges weren’t made overnight and they aren’t going to be fixed overnight.”

Two and a half years is far longer than “next week” though, and nobody reasonable asked for overnight. They just asked for what Ronald Reagan managed to give them well before he started campaigning for a second term… a positive economic uptick and the promise of more to come.

That really doesn’t seem too much to ask from the man who said he could lower the sea levels.

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