Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Earthquake on the East Coast, a Hurricane Potentially Hitting New England, and Now I’m Agreeing with George Soros? What’s This Country Coming To!!!

It’s not very often I find myself agreeing with the likes of the vile, hypocritical, filthy rich, old, white man, George Soros, a blight on American policy and thinking, and quite possibly the antichrist.

(Just kidding. The antichrist, I’m sure, will be much more charming and better looking.)

But when it comes to how Republican Steve Chabot conducted his town hall meeting, I find myself strongly leaning Soros’ way.

(I feel filthy – and really stupid – just writing that.)

The Ohio congressman had police officers collect cell phones and cameras from gathered constituents in order to “prevent an embarrassing YouTube video from making the rounds.”

At first read, that actually sounds worse than it was, since Chabot did this before any such incidents could happen, purportedly to make sure everybody felt comfortable to speak up without fear of looking stupid on the net later. And it also should be noted that the regular news crews were still allowed in to fully document everything however they saw fit.

At the same time, what authority does any Congressman or woman have to ask fellow Americans to hand over their forms of communication? In this case, I’m fairly sure that the proper answer is none.

The people recording were not disrupting anything with their recording devices, were not harming or threatening to harm anybody, and were not on private property that would allow such rules to be imposed on them. Nor was there any real “security” threat involved, as there might be at certain public buildings, such as a police station or capitol building.

In other words, they had every right to keep hold of their possessions. Chabot and everybody else gathered there should have just dealt with it.

And the fact that he didn’t doesn’t seem to say anything good about America.

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