Monday, August 1, 2011

Let’s Get This Tea Party Started!

According to Peter Beinart of the Daily Beast, it’s time for Tea Party people to celebrate. Because, “While the details of the debt ceiling deal remain fuzzy, this much is clear: Barack Obama may be president, but the Tea Party is now running Washington.”

I’m not ready to agree just yet – not until I learn more about this so-called victory of ours – but I am going to take a moment to smile all the same. Because liberals are miserable.

That comment sounds exceedingly nasty and partisan, I’ll admit. But I’m not actually happy because they’re not. I’m happy because whenever they’re ticked off with a policy, it usually means the country isn’t digging its own grave quite as fast as it could be.

And let’s face it… That is something to smile about.

In Beinart’s case specifically, I’m also smiling because, if I don’t, I might very well go the other route and pull out my short, brunette tresses in sheer aggravation with his inexcusable idiocy. (And that would be sad, considering how cute my hair looks today.)

In wondering how the Tea Party supposedly took over Washington – Ummm… It’s called free elections. Duh! – Beinart declares, “This is what American politics looks like when there’s no left wing movement and no war.”

That statement makes me wonder what he calls the actions in Libya, which we’re funding, and the military operations in Afghanistan? A romp in the park?

He moves onto note how “Liberals are furious that President Obama agreed to massive spending cuts, and the promise of more, without any increase in revenues. They should be: Given how much the Bush tax cuts have contributed to the deficit (and how little they’ve spurred economic growth), it’s mind-boggling that they’ve apparently escaped this deficit-reduction deal unscathed.”

Only problem is the reason why we’re in this current pickle has everything to do with increased government spending, not decreased tax revenue. Giving more money to spendaholics like we have in the oval office only feeds an addiction in the short-term; it doesn’t solve the problem by any means.

No wonder, as Breinart himself points out, “trust in government is so low that pro-government populism is almost impossible.” It’s because the government has not done anything it’s promised to do for decades… It has not reduced poverty, brought about ethnic reconciliation, or promoted freedom or truth.

In too many ways, things are worse today because of government. Not better.

And that’s why, while Peter Beinart thinks it’s time for Tea Party people to celebrate, I say there’s plenty more to do in Washington before we get down and boogie.

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