Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Republicans Just Handed Obama Over Two Trillion Extra to Waste on Himself

So the Republican-led House of Representatives passed it. The debt ceiling is officially raised – or it will be later today as soon as the Senate votes on it – to the tune of $2.4 trillion dollars.

Quite probably thinking they were doing what was best for the country, most definitely exhausted from dealing so closely with an unacceptably sophomoric president, and more than likely a bit impressed with themselves for sticking to the spirit of their no-new-taxes stance, Republicans in the House have just given Obama a few extra trillion to throw down the toilet.

That makes for the nation’s largest debt ceiling increase since Barack Obama authorized just under $2 trillion of additional expenses early last year.

That’s nothing short of pathetic, especially considering where that money is ultimately destined for…

The IRS will definitely get some of it, since it now needs to hire additional agents to oversee the healthcare taxes coming our way. That’s what raising the debt ceiling means… paying for President Obama’s wasteful, harmful, forced insurance plan.

That alone was reason to vote the bill down. But you can also expect the usual unions, idiotic university studies and liberal pickpocket organizations to benefit from the additional goody bags our government just authorized itself to dole out.

Thanks to our representatives, we now have more money to squander on groups like the Department of Fish and Wildlife, which seem to serve a single purpose these days: to make our lives much more difficult than they should be. That particular collection of busybodies just slapped a $535 fine on a family for trying to nurse a baby woodpecker back to health after a cat attacked it.

Not even kidding.

This is what raising our debt limit instead of slashing it to pieces pays for… the destruction of our liberties and the security we associate with being American.

While manufacturing growth slumps to its lowest level in two years and Americans go back to reigning in their own expenses, our supposedly representative government continues to act as if this country isn’t prancing towards our very own day of reckoning.

The Republicans held out for a long time, which was admirable for what it was worth. But they lost the battle all the same, and it was a battle they didn’t have to lose.

Let’s pray our republic can survive their ultimate cowardice. Because at this point, we’re barely more than a miracle away from economic devastation.

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