Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What’s Really behind African American – and the Rest of America’s – Unemployment Figures

The Congressional Black Caucus should thank Herman Cain for joining them this year.

They won’t, but they should. He brings sanity to their table, a quality they usually lack.

I brought up Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee – the one who thought Neil Armstrong et al landed on Mars – yesterday. But now another of their colleagues is stepping forward to prove just how dumb people can be if they only try hard enough.

In discussing dismal unemployment numbers among African American males, Florida Representative Frederica Wilson (Yes, a Democrat) put a lot of the blame on “racism.”

But while racism does still exist – on both sides, Ms. Wilson, just for your ignorant information – there are much more pressing factors contributing to the decline of African Americans… and Americans in general.

Take our corrupt government, which demands large sums of money from hard-working men and women of all colors, combines it with the Federally-backed version of Monopoly money, and puts it all towards paying for poorly planned projects.

Obama’s Libya operations, for example, cost American taxpayers $896 million by the end of July. And that tab keeps growing since, despite yesterday’s news, it isn’t over yet.

Worse yet, we don’t even really know what we’re sinking that money into. There are already reports coming out of the rebel-captured capitol that the hopeful new government has drafted a new constitution… based on women-hating, terrorist-loving Shariah Law.

In which case, we’re screwed even more than we were after Jimmy Carter aided Iran in becoming the global problem that it is today, and Obama encouraged the same in Egypt.

Our African American population – and the rest of the country – is also suffering because we teach children to think that businesses are bad and the government is God, leading to morons like the Florida man who planned to set off fireworks on the National Mall in protest of corruption at the banks… which are mostly headquartered in NYC… not D.C.


And maybe, just maybe, our African American population – and the rest of the country – is suffering because we coddle people until they become so completely degenerate that they go around shooting pregnant girls for no good reason.

None of that is racist, Ms. Wilson, anymore than acknowledging that you and your liberal cronies are part of the problem, and need to either smarten up or get out of the way if you want to solve the African American – and the rest of America’s – unemployment crisis.

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