Friday, September 16, 2011

Back Away from the Bread Sticks and Nobody Will Get Hurt

I was going to write about how, based on playground conversation, three-year olds are labeled as racists and homophobes in British government databases.

Then I read how Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Ivar Giaver just resigned from the premier physics society because he is disgusted with their allegiance to the global warming theory. And I thought to myself: Oh, this is it! This is the subject for today’s blog!

I’ll admit being semi-tempted to drop that story in favor of further proof that President Obama is horrible for this nation. And believe me, there’s plenty of that to go around…

Consider how at least five stimulus-graced companies are biting the big one, even after getting millions and billions from taxpayers in the last few years. The most newsworthy, Solyndra – a solar technology company – received high praise from Obama himself not that long ago… even while his administration worried about the company’s viability.

Not that he’ll admit any wrongdoing, of course. Far from it, as he wants to push even further ahead with his ruinous agenda, evidenced by his admission to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that “There are times where – until Nancy Pelosi is speaker again – I’d like to work my way around Congress.”

Ummm… That’s called a dictatorship, Mr. President. Just sayin’.

With machinations like that, it’s no wonder public sentiment about him is so bad that even big businesses like Ford feel fine criticizing Obama policies in their commercials.

All very compelling stories, right? But they all pale in comparison to the last article I read this morning. The headline: “Michelle Obama to join Olive Garden announcement.”

I should probably state now that I’m half Italian. My father’s side of the family predominantly lives in New Jersey (They’re the I’m-sure-I-have-mafia-relations-running-around-somewhere type of Italians, not the Jersey Shore kind, just for the record.), while my mother’s Scottish side all resides out in California.

Being an East Coast girl, I grew up identifying much more strongly with the pasta-with-every-meal, can’t-talk-without-using-your-hands side of the family. This means that I take my food VERY seriously.

And while I recognize that Olive Garden is not exactly authentic, it still serves lots of yummy pasta that I am fairly fond of. So, to me, Michelle Obama pressuring it into cutting “the calories and sodium in its meals” is downright criminal, not to mention racist against Italians, whose culture revolves around good food, “healthy” or not!

Touching an Italian girl’s breadsticks, ravioli and alfredo sauce is the last straw. This president and his wife need to pack up and go home.

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