Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama Proves Talk Is Cheap with Another Speech about Jobs

So the new football season started last night!

Oh right, and Obama made a speech about jobs. Again. For like the trillionth time.

Oops. No. That how far our national deficit has climbed. Sorry. It’s hard to keep track of Obama’s insincere sermons sometimes.

Actually, forget hard; it’s flat-out pointless. Much better to watch football. Or the season finale of Burn Notice. Or that new “Ringer” series with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in it.

Sure, that last one isn’t playing yet. But it’d be much more worthwhile to sit in front of a blank TV waiting for next week’s premiere than to listen to Obama say another word.

Why? Because, as the Los Angeles TimesAndrew Malcolm points out, the President is making himself, his office and his country look utterly ridiculous.

With the national debt already increasing $3 million every minute of every day,” Malcolm writes, “Obama wants to repair and modernize 35,000 schools. Obama wants $35 billion to go toward salaries for teachers, firefighters and police.

“Obama wants $140 billion largely to update roads and bridges. Obama wants another $245 billion in business and individual tax relief. He also wants to extend unemployment benefits.

“And he wants it all right now. Seriously. Now that his Martha’s Vineyard vacation is over, this situation is urgent.”

But, he adds, “Obama didn’t have room in his 4,021 word speech to mention how he intended to pay for all this new sounds-an-awful-like-increased-new-stimulus-spending-but-we’re-not-using-that-word-anymore.”

The Partisan and Pointless Blame Game, Obama-Style

So what’s up with the PotUS’s single-minded focus on re-implementing a plan that failed miserably in the recent past? Malcolm has the answer to that as well:

“Today in Virginia and next week in Ohio, Obama begins an aggressive autumn of travels selling his sounds-like-new-spending plans by day and fundraising by evening, bashing guess who for not solving the job crisis long ago.

“Because like pretty much every sentient American, he knows full well there isn’t on chance in Haiti of the divided Congress approving this package.

“In fact, Obama’s counting on that because grandiose program-proposing like this costs nothing-zero-nada, except the limo gas to the Capitol. Yet it gives perpetual candidate Obama tons of swell-sounding details to talk about during the 2011-12 reelection campaign.

“Because he can’t blame his mother-in-law for the nation’s economic mess. When’s the last time you heard a Harvard grad say, “Boy, did I blow that!” So, the only culprits left are in Congress, especially those Repugnicans.”

In other words, Obama is once again acting like a hypocritical and self-serving demagogue instead of a compassionate and wise leader.

At this point, though, is anybody really surprised? I mean, seriously.

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