Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Messiah College: An Open Letter from a 2006 Alumnus

Dear Messiah College,

I just received an email from a respected fellow 2006 alumnus informing me that you un-invited a Conservative writer from speaking on campus who might be “problematic,” but still allowed Frances Fox Piven to visit, a self-described Marxist and socialist who used her opportunity at Messiah to call the Tea Party racist and uphold the Occupy Wall Street movement as honorable, despite the latter’s short but noteworthy history of:

· Anti-Semitism (click here for supporting article)
· Illegal drug use (click here for supporting article)
· Public disorderliness (click here for supporting article)
· Preaching violence (click here for supporting article)
· Indecent exposure to minors (click here for supporting article)
· Threatening a former president with extreme violence (click here for supporting video)
· A complete lack of open-mindedness or manners (click here for supporting video)
· General inanity (click here for supporting video)

And are also allegedly tainted by:

· Spitting on members of the U.S. military (click here for supporting article)
· Rape (click here for supporting article)

After completing four years at your school, I am unfortunately well aware that you do not encourage or respect dissenting opinions that come from the political right. While I can easily recount various professors who blatantly abused their positions to preach their political opinions during class time (occasionally for 20 minutes or more), I will only point out the chapel where Messiah College invited an anti-war demonstrator to speak about how anybody who supported the Iraq War was not a Christian. So I am not at all surprised by this latest invite (and un-invite).

If Messiah College had any professional or academic decency, it would be ashamed of itself for obnoxiously preaching one ideology instead of encouraging students to think for themselves. However, I know better than to expect such integrity from your institution. Please know, however, that I will not be sending Messiah College any money in the future, and will make it a point now to openly advise potential students away from your facilities, as they can get the same unbalanced education at far less cost elsewhere.


Jeannette DiLouie

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  1. I think it's important to mention that I sent a version of this email to Messiah College and recieved a response from the professor mentioned in the Human Events story in the first link in this blog post. He was very professional and explained his side of the story, including how he genuinely believed and believes that uninviting the Conservative speaker was the right thing to do. While I still hold my negative opinion of Messiah College, Professor LaGrand has quite possibly received a lot of judgement for nothing more than a judgement call, whether a correct one or an incorrect one.