Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fun with Joe Biden and His Continuously Dumb Comments

Even in this dreadful economy with its 9.1% unemployment and the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression, there are still some guarantees that America – and the world – can rely on…

· Winters are colder than summers (despite the supposed certainty of global warming).
· Communism doesn’t work, as poor North Koreans are finding out the hard way.
· Joe Biden can always be counted on to say something really, really stupid.

That last one is perhaps the most constant out of the three, which says something considering how practically unbeatable the other bets are.

And he didn’t disappoint on Thursday during an interview, where he ardently claimed that Obama and he “have turned it around” when questioned about the U.S. economy. Clearly, he doesn’t pay attention to what his Commander-in-Chief says though because, if he did, he would have known that Obama recently admitted Americans are not “better off than they were four years ago.”

Not to be outdone by his own self, Biden went on to compare the Occupy Wall Street group to the Tea Party. “The Tea Party started why? TARP. They thought it was unfair – we were bailing out the big guy,” he said.

So… by his own admission, his big government policies favor the “big guy” over the little guy? Thanks for clarifying that Joe. We couldn’t have done it withoutcha.

Ok, yes we could have. But you do make it so much easier to recognize that we’re right and you’re an idiot.

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