Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maryland Representative and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer Blames Voters for America’s Problems… and Conveniently Ignores His Own Culpability

Blaming Republicans for everything – even in the face of overwhelming evidence that this is a Democrat-run mess of an economy – is getting old with a lot of voters. And tone-deaf Democrats might actually be finally – kinda, sorta, maybe – getting the message.

My own state of Maryland’s Representative Steny Hoyer – who also just happens to be House Minority Whip – had this to say the other day:

“The American people have every right to be angry [and] disappointed by the performance of the Congress. Of course, the American people have also elected people with hard stances, so that to some degree, the American people are realizing the results of their votes.

“If elections have consequences – which I think they do – some of those consequences are getting what you vote for. In this case, many people voted for people who thought compromise was not something that they ought to participate in.”

As with most liberal speeches, I can easily rip his comments to shreds.

Let’s start with his admission that America has “every right” to be ticked off with Congress. He’s part of Congress, isn’t he? Therefore we have “every right to be angry [and] disappointed” with him. It’s logic 101.

Then there’s his accusation that “we’ve elected people with hard stances.” Yeah, well, when we screwed up so badly in 2008 by electing people with unwaveringly appalling stances, we had to do something to combat their blatant disregard for American ideals, American rights and American citizens in general.

And if those “elected people with hard stances” refuse to back down from protecting their constituents, then more power to them! In fact, let’s get more of them in office… and less of the likes of Steny Hoyer, who says really stupid, Joe Biden-esque things like “If elections have consequences – which I think they do…”

Really Steny? You think “elections have consequences?” Where’dja learn such smart thinkin’? Did the American education system teach ya that?

Since his final comment about “compromise” simply parrots his previous statement about “hard stances,” I think it’s safe to leave my commentary at this point with a final thought:

The whole thing is pathetic.

On so many levels.

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