Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meghan McCain Joins Occupy Wall Street in Making Little Coherent Sense

Meghan McCain is at it again, pretending that smarts can be bought in a box of hair dye.

Writing for the Daily Beast, McCain shares her journey through Occupy Wall Street, which “wasn’t as occupied as I expected it to be” and “smelled distinctively like marijuana.” She shares how the first person she ran into “couldn’t remember his last name” and the second was some crackpot prophet handing out fliers to “inspire hope.”

“But most of the people… had real stories of hardship and despair,” she continues. Apparently, that includes Yvette Vigo, a 45-year-old teacher who was laid of last year, has six children and “was lucky” if she made $15,000 a year.

“If anyone comes here and talks to us, they will know that we aren’t here for handouts. We want somebody to hear us,” she said, and declared that she’s in it for the long haul.

If McCain was prone to reasoning like an adult, she would ask the following perfectly logical follow-up questions: If Yvette Vigo has six children, where are they now, how is she supporting them… and where are theirs father or fathers?

That last one might not be the nicest inquiry to make, but it’s still perfectly relevant.

But of course Ms. McCain doesn’t bother with such details. She instead rambles on with about the same amount of cohesion as the subject matter she writes about, which even she (shockingly enough) has the ability to see “has no clear message or sense of direction.”

In fact, throughout the article, it’s completely unclear whether she’s pro-Occupy Wall Street, uncertain or hopeful. But with her middle school-esque writing style (Her Title is even “My Day at Occupy Wall Street”), she might do their already damaged reputation more harm than good, as she writes:

“The anger from Occupy Wall Street is coming from this simple fact: America no longer seems to be a place where you can work your way up, from rags to riches, from lower class to middle class to upper class. If people aren’t given a fair shot, how can they work to achieve their dreams? This should be the message of Occupy Wall Street: we just want a chance; our government needs to give us a chance. But through all the pot smoke and distracting costumes, I’m not sure if that message is getting out.

“As I was leaving Occupy Wall Street, I spotted a man who was attending the festivities wearing a giant cape made of tin foil. He was pretending that he could fly, but the tin foil just kept blowing around him, making an empty crinkling sound. He isn’t the kind of superhero that these people need.”

With that kind of reasoning (or lack thereof) – not to mention the other idiot things she’s said in the past – the liberally-motivated Occupy Wall Street can have Meghan McCain. Because conservatives have most definitely had enough of her.

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