Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and a Tree House in Virginia

Who’s sick of hearing about the Occupy Wall Street group, with their underdeveloped ability to reason and their distaste for law and order, not to mention basic sanitary needs?

I know that I am.

I’m sick of them dominating the news. I’m sick of reading about irresponsible politicians coddling them instead of calling them terrorists like they would – and have! – the Tea Party (*cough* *cough* *New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg*). I’m even sick of hearing how they got themselves arrested!

Now, don’t get me wrong: If they want to behave so poorly that even liberal cities like Boston and the Big Apple feel the need to lock them up, that’s all well and good. Heck, throw away the key for all I care! Just stop telling me about it everywhere I turn!

With that plea in mind, let’s not talk about them. Let’s talk about ridiculous restrictions instead: the kind that the Occupy Wall Street crowd is so certain big business is putting on the lower classes, when it’s really big government holding the reins… and the whip.

Right now, down in Virginia, a middle class family is fighting for their right to build a tree house on their own property. Apparently they made the mistake of setting it up in the front yard for their two young boys instead of the back yard.

(Insert gasp of shock and horror!)

And in Falls Church, Virginia, you need a permit to do any such thing, which the Grapins didn’t know until after completing the tree house.

(The diabolical fiends!)

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and supporters might want to ponder this bizarre case and what it heavily implies…

That a government system controlling enough to regulate the placement of a tree house is just as capable – and even more likely – of messing around in its citizens lives in more meaningful ways.

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