Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“Racist” Herman Cain Is Driving the Liberal Left Batty… Not That They Weren’t Already

Dig around in Yahoo a little bit and you’ll stumble onto an article by Kim Jacobs Walker titled “Herman Cain Proves Minorities Can Be Racist Too.”

The title alone speaks to Walkers overwhelming ignorance. And the rest of the piece just accentuates it:

“Political correctness is not Herman Cain’s strong suit. In fact, he seems perfectly comfortable dismissing black voters as ‘brainwashed’ and also doesn’t mind alienating Hispanics by suggesting we should just electrocute people crossing the border illegally from Mexico.”

Not black voters: black Democrat voters. There are some on the other side too.

“The New York Times reports Cain has been talking up a hypothetical plan to enforce U.S. immigration law with a fence the length of the Mexican border that’s ‘20 feet high. It’s gonna have barbed wire on the top. It’s going to be electrified, and there’s going to be a sign on the other side saying: It will kill you – warning.’ He further suggests that armed militia men can take care of any intruders the fence doesn’t get.

“According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 12.6 percent of the population is black and 16.3 percent is Hispanic.”

Is it just me or is she seeming to imply that all of those 16.3 percent are illegals? Rather racist of her, huh?

“That leaves 71.1 percent of potential voters who don’t yet have reason to despise Cain. What next, honky jokes ala George Jefferson – maybe a few ‘gook’ or drunken Indian references.”

Ok now. I had to look up what a “honky” was and I’ve never heard of a “gook” at all. How do liberals even learn these terms? And what does it say about them that they do?

“Cain says his comments were just ‘a joke,’ but not everyone finds it funny.”

Personally, I wish he wasn’t joking, considering what Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw just revealed: that there’s evidence six Mexican drug cartels are now recruiting American children as young as 11 to assist in their illegal operations.

“Brent Wilkes of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda points out that ‘to suggest that they would be electrocuted or shot would be to treat them harsher than we treat murderers or rapists.’”

In that case, maybe we should up the penalty for murderers and rapists.

“To Cain perhaps this seems like harmless fun, but how quickly hateful words turn into hateful actions.”

Who says that Cain’s words were “hateful” in the first place? And if she’s so concerned about such nasty words, maybe she should go address the Occupy Wall Street crowd, whose various members in various cities have called for George Bush’ execution, shouted anti-Semitic slurs, and swore people up and down who disagree with them.

“In times of economic distress racism becomes stronger as people look for someone to blame for their misfortune. Most illegal immigrants have menial jobs. They are the maids and laborers. They do the jobs most Americans don’t want.”

A common liberal line but in Lancaster, PA – where I grew up – it’s teenagers who do much of the nasty, sweaty crop harvesting. And the illegal immigrants are in the restaurants… taking jobs away from other youngsters trying to save up for college. Who is to say that wouldn’t be true elsewhere if more positions were open?

“Since they are here illegally, they are afraid to go to the police when they are robbed, and they can’t complain when the boss violates the labor laws that protect the rest of us.”

Since they’re here illegally, they don’t deserve the protection of the police or our laws.

“Cain is after all only echoing the growing anti immigrant sentiment. He is certainly not the only Republican candidate to do so, but Cain takes it further than most. Why so bold? If a white candidate said these things his campaign would be over. As a minority Cain enjoys more latitude to work outside the boundaries of political correctness.”

And whose fault is that? Oh, right: Liberals!

“Does he think that just because he’s black, no one will dare call him a racist?”

No. He knows that just because he’s a conservative, people will call him a racist.

Fortunately, Herman Cain has the integrity and the spine to not back down.

Herman Cain 2012!

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