Monday, November 21, 2011

Congress’ Super Committee Proves a Failure… No Big Surprise There

So much for Congress’ so-called Super Committee proving worthwhile.

For that matter, so much for Congress in general proving worthwhile.

Just as every sane, thoughtful person predicted, Democrat and Republican members of the recently formed and utterly pointless band of supposed problem solvers couldn’t agree on what to cut and what to save in the latest budget battle.

I’d love to blame the Democrats for this latest batch of insanity, but let’s face it: Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner helped create and forcibly pass the deal that created the Super Committee, insisting that it was the best possible plan available.

Yeah. Right. Sure. And magic feathers work outside of Disney cartoons.

It’s amazing that these people ever made it past middle school, much less obtained their bachelors and beyond.

Republican legislators assured their base months ago that they had rigged the debt debates so that cuts had to be made one way or the other. Yet they somehow didn’t foresee a problem in the fact that, if the Super Committee couldn’t play nice like big girls and boys, a decent chunk of that $1.2 trillion in proposed savings would be automatically taken from the military.

That was supposed to propel both sides into agreement, as if the average Democrat politician would have a problem with weakening our national defenses even more than we’ve already done.

I’d ask what Republicans were thinking, but that would assume they have the capability to think at all… and I’m not willing to take that for granted anymore.

Now we’re going to have to hear about their “talks” for the next month at least. Fox News writes:

“Failure by Congress’ debt-cutting Super Committee to recommend $1.2 trillion in savings by Wednesday is supposed to automatically trigger spending cuts in the same amount to accomplish that job.

“But the same legislators who concocted that budgetary booby trap just four months ago could end up spending the 2012 election year and beyond battling over defusing it.”

One more reason to look forward to 2013… when hopefully a number of these ridiculous people will be out of a job and out of our hair.

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