Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Further Proof that Occupy Wall Streeters Are Insane and Celebrities Don’t Care about the Little People Like They Say They Do

It’s becoming evermore clear that the Occupy Wall Street movement is filled with some of the whiniest losers ever to inhabit the planet.

If they were animals (which is a possibility considering that they poop on the sidewalk like dogs), they would have been picked off ages ago by predators who were taking easy advantage of the sorriest pickings available.

Then again, maybe they’d just kill each other off naturally – since they seem to have no problem turning on each other – or more than likely just starve to death, since they have no idea how to do anything useful or intelligent.

They highlighted all three negative characteristics when superstar rapper Jay-Z promoted one of the newest editions to his clothing line, Rocawear: a t-shirt that features the slogan: “Occupy All Streets” in support of his (less rich, less cool, less intelligent) fellow thugs camped out in cities around the country.

Occupy Wall Streeters went nuts (more than they already are, that is) over the merchandise. And then they went even more insane when Rocawear issued a statement that it hadn’t agreed to give any of the proceeds to the whiny bunch of self-made losers.

One Occupy Wall Street leader roared that making bling off the $22 shirts was “an insult to the fight for economic civil rights.” Forget the fact that, as businessman Russell Simmons noted, the merchandise “did a good fun thing to promote awareness.”

Oh no, Occupy Wall Street wants more.

They always want more. When it comes down to it, they’re more greedy than the rich, “fat cats” they’re protesting. At least the rich, fat cats do something to earn their money; OWS mainly stands there and whines (and goes to the bathroom on the sidewalk).

Besides, how do they think Jay-Z got the money to start Rocawear in the first place? By standing there and whining (and going to the bathroom on the sidewalk)?

Of course, it’s not completely and totally Occupy Wall Street’s fault that they automatically think that celebrities would give them the shirt off their back (Ha ha! Get? Get it?). After all, Hollywood likes to cultivate a certain image of being an all-caring community that supports the underdog, whether they be whiny losers (OWS), pedophiles and rapists (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski), or just plain, all-around, brain-dead, vapid viruses with no grasp on reality (fill in the blank).

Yet when it comes down to it, celebrities are really looking out for number one.

It kinda makes one think that Occupy Wall Street and Hollywood deserve each other.

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