Monday, November 7, 2011

The Heritage Foundation Takes on Failed Liberal Ideas

The countdown has officially begun: It’s exactly one year away from elections 2012, and the Heritage Foundation has prepared a little quiz to help U.S. voters everywhere see how very flawed liberal thinking really is.

Admittedly, “failure” and “liberal” are so close to synonymous that it seems pointless to put the one in front of the other, but for certain kinds of people, I guess you can never be too clear.

You can take the quiz at, where you’ll learn fascinating facts about the War on Poverty, like the fact that it “spawned a welfare mentality that has trapped the poor in a web of dependency, spent $16 trillion – without making a dent in the poverty rate – and will burn through another $10.3 trillion over the next 10 years.”

Also on the list of failed liberal ideas are:
  • The U.S. Department of Education
  • The U.S. Department of Energy
  • The Community Reinvestment Act
  • Immigration Reform (liberal-style)

Each one has failed miserably in accomplishing its original agenda – or at least the agendas they purport to have – bloated government, intruded on individual rights, sucked up taxpayer money, and just generally been a giant waste of time and effort.

No big surprise there. But it's still good to see just how bad the situation is now that we're getting so close to being able to do something about it.

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