Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joe Arpaio Says There’s No Difference Between Obama Supporters and Mexican Drug Cartels… Chris Rock Proves Otherwise

Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is well used to controversy. The self-described “America’s toughest sheriff” almost welcomes it with his letter-of-the-law stance on immigration so close to the Mexican border.

“I’m a controversial guy,” he freely admits, and he’s inviting even more controversy now that he’s conducting an official investigation into Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president of the United States. This includes determining whether Obama is using an illegal Social Security number and birth certificate.

“I’ve got the drug cartels from Mexico sending me death threats and now I have the Obama supporters sending me death threats,” Arpaio told WND news. “I’m not sure which are worse.”

But let’s face it: There is a difference. The Mexican drug cartels, after all, are more than willing to put their money where their mouths are. Most of the Obama supporters, on the other hand, would just dance on Arpaio’s grave after somebody else offed him.

Not to mention that the Mexican drug cartels actually make sense (maybe because they say less and shoot more) in a non-ethical kind-of way. Obama supporters like supposed comedian Chris Rock don’t even come close.

Rock excuses the President’s disappointing performance this far since there’s apparently a “f*cking art to the first term… It’s like Clinton’s first term. You can’t really do your gangsta sh*t until your second term… Even Bush couldn’t really f*ck up the world until his second term. That’s when he put the hammer down.”

Actually, Clinton tried his “gangsta sh*t” during his first term… and was soundly rebuked for it in the mid-term elections. And Bush got us into both Iraq and Afghanistan – two of his biggest cardinal sins, according to Liberals – before the 2004 elections.

Clearly, Chris Rock is an all-around moron, a trait he went on to highlight in great detail:

“The last George Bush we had was the first cable TV president we had. And what I mean by that… he was the first president that was only president to the people that voted for him. He did not give a f*ck about the people that didn’t vote for him. Obama is actually trying to be president to the whole country and there’s a lot of compromise being president to the whole country… In a weird way our complaints about Obama is because we miss Bush. We miss hating somebody. We miss the guy who didn’t give a f*ck… Bush didn’t give a f*ck about us. He just really, really didn’t. We want revenge; we don’t want justice. That’s the problem with the Democrats. We want revenge.”

I’d ask somebody – Maybe the Mexican drug cartels? – to translate Rock’s rambling, but it would be one giant waste of both of our time.

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