Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Man Who Throws Shoe at George Bush Declared Hero; Man Who Shoots at Obama’s White House Declared Mentally Ill

Last week, apparently somebody took a shot or two at the White House from the Washington Mall, with one bullet even hitting a window. ABC reports: “The round was stopped by ballistic glass behind the historic exterior glass, while an additional round has been found on the exterior of the White House.”

The news service was also quick to assure everyone that the 21-year-old suspect, Oscar Ramiro Ortega, is thought to be mentally ill. After all, why else would anybody – outside of the deranged Tea Party racist types, of course – want to attack Barack Obama, the beloved leader of the free world?

Especially a Hispanic? Clearly, if he doesn’t recognize all of the good things Obama has done for minorities, he must be deranged!

Right? Of course! No other way to look at it. Moving on now…

But let’s play pretend and say that Ortega – who has a long rap sheet for such things as domestic violence and drug charges – went to Washington to shoot the Bush White House instead.

If that had happened, he would have been hailed as a hero.

News agencies would have noted Bush’s unpopularity amongst minorities – and in general – and then gone on to list all of the grievances America’s oppressed had against the President, including Katrina (which Bush clearly sent since he “hates black people” like Kanye West said).

They would have gone into detail about Ortega’s difficult upbringing, what he had to suffer, how he tried so hard to succeed and how Bush just wouldn’t give him a chance. And, let’s face it, they would have all but praised him for taking more than pot shots at the President.

We know that because of how the news agencies covered the shoe-throwing incident in Iraq not all that long ago.

Instead, since this is Obama residing in the posh place, the media covers up the story for a decent week and then explains it away as a simply irrational act made by an irrational person.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that Ortega isn’t mentally disturbed. And one way or the other, I hope that they find him and lock him up where he can’t shoot at anybody again, including President Obama.

I’m just saying that it’s hard not to notice the difference in coverage.

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