Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Richmond Virginia Tea Party Slammed with Tax Audit for Protesting Unfair Treatment

“The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

I’ve used that quote, made by Chief Justice John Marshall in the Supreme Court case of McCulloch v. Maryland, before. But it’s one of those statements that never gets old, largely because it never become irrelevant or unimportant.

Let’s face it: Liberals don’t really care about saving the poor, the oppressed or the earth, causes which they claim they need our money to support. They just know that, by paying lip-service to those issues, they can get themselves elected so they can force us to pay for other things, including their trips to Europe, unethical legs up and cushy connections.

They also know they can curry favor and/or punish their opponents with the same tax system that ultimately pays their wages and benefits. And right now, the city of Richmond, Virginia stands out as a clear example of just how right Chief Justice Marshall really was.

Down there, the local chapter of the Tea Party movement had to pay $10,000 and meet countless regulations in order to stage three rallies. The payment and rules were all meted out and met according to the letter of the law.

Then along came the Occupy Wall Street movement and suddenly the city didn’t care to acknowledge those same fees and laws, much less enforce them. So after weeks of watching the protesters camp out, make a mess and cause disturbances on public property – all for free – the Richmond Tea Party had had enough, and demanded its money back.

Not surprisingly, the powers that be refused. A bit less predictably, they also slapped the Tea Party chapter with a tax audit for daring to question their authority.

Of course, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones’ administration completely denies the allegations of favoritism. They’re “just completely unfounded,” city spokeswoman Tammy Hawley told Fox News.

As for the audit, “The Richmond Tea Party did not file any of the required… monthly returns during 2010 and had only filed January and February 2011 when this account was selected for audit review,” she said. To which the Richmond Tea Party fired back, saying it was legally and specifically exempted from the tax in question.

But here’s the thing: Even if it wasn’t – which it probably was, as this audit is so convenient for the opposition that it’s flat-out ludicrous – the whole situation illustrates just how much power the government has over us… and just how much trouble that means we’re really in.

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