Tuesday, November 22, 2011

U.S. Politicians Think They’re Better Than Us

Here’s the problem with U.S. politicians: They genuinely don’t think they’re like us.

In their minds, they don’t come from “We the People.” In fact, in their minds, there is no “We the People” at all; it’s just "We the Washington insiders." And they like it like that.

That’s quite obvious considering how they’ve legislated everyday American life into knots and gnarls… while creating multiple loopholes for themselves to crawl out of.

Wildly unpopular and hazardous healthcare mandates? Congress doesn’t have to live or die with it.

Easy ways to make a buck through insider trading? Congress can; we can’t.

Heck, even when it comes to exceedingly cut and dry issues, government somehow manages to bypass its own laws. For instance, so far, has anybody seen any mention of former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine going to jail for his heavy hand in the giant, money-laundering mess that has been MF Global for years now?

Yet catch any of us normal folks moving a toe – even unintentionally! – over legislator’s ridiculous lines and watch them throw every book they have at us.

For proof of that, just ask Carlos Rafael, a boat owner in the New Bedford, MA fishing community. He thought he struck it rich when his crew informed him they had accidentally caught an 881-pound bluefin tuna, which would go for a very pretty penny.

Considering the intricate netting of laws that govern every aspect of American life these days, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that fishermen have to have special permits for just about everything they do, including catching tuna.

But Rafael was ready for the exceedingly slim possibility of doing just that; he had been buying tuna permits for the last four years just in case. And as soon as he heard the good news, he immediately called the bluefin tuna hot line (Yes, government really does think of everything.) to report the catch just like he was supposed to.

Unfortunately, that was his big mistake, because apparently, the money he shelled out on those tuna permits only covered tuna caught with a rod and reel, not nets like his men used. And so the authorities were waiting to take the tuna away when his boat pulled up to shore.

For anybody who cares to know, that’s the problem with U.S. politicians.

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