Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are We Really Feeling Bad for Tom Brady because Tim Tebow “Stole” His Spotlight?

Sorry to go all football yet again, but with all of this “Tebow-Mania,” as the mainstream media has dubbed it (when really, it’s them obsessing over how much they dislike him like little girls fighting over who’s prettier) it’s kinda hard not to.

I really do have the capability to write about other topics, such as our latest example of Muslims gone wild: Sami Osmakac, who had plans to blow up parts of Tampa, Florida since, “We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?”

Lovely, right?

That brief bout of information and still inspiring though admittedly brief commentary proves that I can, in fact, concentrate on non-Tim Tebow topics. And I will again just as soon as the media stops writing snarky pieces about the Denver Broncos’ quarterback.

Snarky pieces like the one published yesterday by the ever-biased Reuters. This time was no exception, as the opening lines established quite quickly…

“Long before Tebow-Mania swept across North America, football fans had a fascination for another National Football League (NFL) quarterback with a no less compelling story. With three Super Bowl titles and a supermodel wife, Tom Brady has been a player fans gravitated to for much of the past decade as the New England Patriots triggerman, with details of his glamorous life and glittering career filling newspapers, magazines and hours of NFL Sunday pre-game shows.”

Ok... Number One: We’re really going to compare conservative Christian Tim Tebow to I’m-So-Cool-Because-I-Married-a-Slutty-Victoria-Secret-Super-Model Tom Brady? Really? That’s like weighing diamonds against cubic zirconium: One matters a lot less to anyone who knows what’s real.

And Number Two: We’re really going to boo hoo for Brady for not getting as much attention? Really? It’s like… No, there really aren’t any good comparisons for how ridiculous this one is.

Brady is one of those exceptionally talented and good-looking athletes that think they’re superior to everyone else because they can maneuver a ball and look hot doing it. Rather like David Beckham. (Honestly, I’ve never seen the mass appeal in either, but I grant that they’re both held up as crush material.) And that’s insufferably annoying.

But that’s Tom Brady, who walked out onto the field during Super Bowl XLII in 2008 as if he was the only thing worth talking about. Ever.

Going into that game, I didn’t care who won: the then-undefeated and heavily favored Patriots or the New York Giants. But after that one look at Brady, I was suddenly very certain I wanted him to eat dirt. Which he did, proving yet again that there really is a God.

Which is exactly what bugs the mainstream media so very much about Tim Tebow. He reminds them that there’s more to life than what Tom Brady stands for. And that scares them.

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