Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley Mulls Taxing Maryland Gasoline

Back in 2010, while other states were electing conservative or at least Republican governors, senators and state representatives, my idiot state of Maryland was holding firm in its unwavering commitment to stupidity.

Maryland went all – or very nearly all – Democrat during the mid-term elections. Again. Despite the vicious arrogance and wretchedly self-serving actions of the Democrat party, my state welcomed them all right back into our lives with hugs, kisses and boxes of chocolate.

Now it looks like we’re going to be paying dearly for our sheer stupidity. Literally, thanks to Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley’s proposition to add the state’s 6% sales tax to gasoline, which could make Maryland the fourth most expensive U.S. state to fill up in.

The tax, if passed, would be implemented gradually, adding 2% sales tax each year over a three year period. The result could cost Maryland drivers over $0.20 extra per gallon by the time it’s fully executed.

“Look,” O’Malley said during a local CBS interview, “none of this is easy. And I know none of it’s going to be very popular. But there’s certain things that if we don’t do we end up paying in other ways.”

He went on to say that the tax would add badly needed revenue for infrastructure projects while simultaneously creating jobs.

Obviously, the idea of cutting spending doesn’t compute in his narrow liberal brain, so let’s not even point out a few obvious fact, like how people will drive less if the tax is raised, especially that drastically. Or that they’ll probably cut back on their spending elsewhere too, since driving to the store just became so much more expensive, as did everything that gets shipped exclusively inside the state and therefore relies on Maryland gasoline to get from point A to point B.

And let’s definitely not conclude that all of the lost sales tax revenue on all of those lost sales might add up far higher than whatever the Maryland government manages to wring out of its already cash-strapped citizens at the pump.

After all, it would be a waste of time to mention any of those very clear and probable repercussions. Because this is exactly what Maryland asked for two years ago.

So there’s no point to protesting when it’s exactly what we got.

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