Monday, January 9, 2012

Denver Broncos Take on Favored Pittsburgh Steelers and Take It Home in Overtime

Anybody who watched the Steelers-Broncos game last night had to be impressed with quarterback Tim Tebow and the team.

Were there mistakes made? Certainly, including several overthrown passes and that darned interception that seemed to temporarily throw the Broncos off of their game and the Steelers onto it again.

But none of that really matters considering the end result, which was Tebow, in the first 11 seconds of overtime, throwing a perfect pass to Demaryius Thomas, who ran it down the field for a touchdown that had at least three people outside of the Broncos' stadium on their feet and screaming.

(I know because I was one of them and watching the game with the other two, who don’t even happen to be big Broncos fans. That’s how good it was!)

As teammate Willis McGahee said after the game, “He’s showed he’s a quarterback in the NFL. Case closed. They say he couldn’t throw. They said we wouldn’t be able to run the ball on them. We did that. I wonder what they’re going to say next week.”

Considering how much “they” dislike Tim Tebow for his unapologetic Christianity – and that pro-life ad he ran during the 2010 Super Bowl – I can predict exactly what “they” are going to say or, at the very least, hope.

“They” want him down and out, because he’s a reminder of just how vile “they” really can be in their support of what is infanticide – i.e. murder – by a less-controversial name. “They” can’t really forgive him for that, so “they” will always be hoping he fails, especially against a team like the Patriots, who – let’s face it – could easily cream the Broncos in the next round of Playoff games.

A friend of mine recently blogged about the media’s love-hate (as is love to hate) relationship with Tim Tebow, asking the question why “they” picked on him so much when thanking God before and after games isn’t all that uncommon in the NFL.

At the time, I couldn’t come up with any decent reason either…

Until I remembered Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl ad.

And then all of the facts clicked into place and I had my answer.

Clearly, “they” would have been much happier with Tebow if his mother had decided to take the doctor’s advice and kill him like a good, little liberal.

Or if he’d just keep his mouth shut like a good, little conservative.

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