Monday, January 30, 2012

Global Warming Hasn’t Happened for 15 Years… but It’s Still Totally Happening

The University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit – made internationally famous by its numerous attempted cover ups – has issued new findings that rather seem to contradict everything it’s tried to tell us for the last who knows how many years.

Brace yourself now because, after so much education, indoctrination and flat-out brainwashing, this might come as a bit of a shock…

The Earth hasn’t really warmed for the past 15 years straight. In fact, it might even be headed for a mini ice age with shortened summers and crazier winters.

In other words, so-called climatologists have either been lying to us for the last decade or so or they’re just incredibly stupid with really faulty equipment.

(Guess where my vote is.)

They’re also now telling us that solar output – and subsequently the Earth’s temperature – goes through cycles… which almost sounds vaguely familiar. Like somebody else has been saying that for years now…

Conservatives maybe?

But of course not! Because global warming is real still. The University and its fellow “leading climate scientists” say that these colder temperatures don’t change a thing. Global warming is still happening and we’re still killing the planet. End of story.

I’d say it seems as if they married their conclusion well before they ever set out to test it. But clearly that would make me a silly conservative who thinks for herself and therefore manages to see the blatantly obvious facts when they smack her across the face.

And who wants to be that insightful?

I mean, really.

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