Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homeland Security Trolls Facebook, Hulu and YouTube to Establish “Situational Awareness”… Whatever That Means

Today, let’s focus on Homeland Security’s Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, and her insane, Obama-approved invasion of American life.

As we’re just learning now, the government has been carefully watching certain popular websites for the past 18 months, including:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• The Drudge Report
• The Huffington Post
• Parts of The New York Times and ABC News
• Hulu
• YouTube
• Any “blogs that cover bird flu… news and activity along U.S. borders… [and] drug trafficking and cybercrime”

Kinda makes me wonder if they’re watching me… (If so, I’ll take the increased traffic!)

They say it’s all for the purpose of collecting “information used in providing situational awareness and establishing a common operating picture.” And no, that doesn’t make any sense in English or any other language, unless you speak liberal, which fortunately, I do.

Translation: They want to do whatever they want to do without any repercussions. (Strangely enough, that’s how most liberal statements translate, but moving on…)

In the case of Hulu, this means kicking back and watching One Tree Hill (and yes, it’s still on somehow) whenever they don’t feel like actually earning their taxpayer-paid salaries.

The same goes for Facebook and Twitter (usually to post their thoughts on One Tree Hill, something along the line of “OMG! Chad Michael Murray is like sooooooo hot!”), though I’m sure they also troll for opinions about Obama in between commercial breaks.

More than likely, they added the Huffington Post so they could be sure to bulk up on their “news” every day. But clearly, they hit up YouTube to replay their favorite parts of One Tree Hill… You know, the snapshot collages set to N’Sync songs of old.

In all seriousness, Napolitano, her minions and her own evil master have no real business poking into the lives of random U.S. citizens and corporations that have no known connection to terrorist-related activity. And besides, don’t they have anything better to do with their time?

Apparently not though. And that’s a scary thought.

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