Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Washington D.C. Opts to Protect Rat’s Rights

Forget the dogs. They’re old news. These days, Washington D.C. is going to the rats.

And quite literally, thanks to the Wildlife Protection Act of 2010, which protects vermin from extermination.

Yes, it is now illegal in the District of Columbia to kill a rat. Instead, the disease-ridden and potentially dangerous critters have to be captured – in families if at all possible – and relocated, possibly to a “wildlife rehabilitator” if need be.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli accurately describes the law as “crazier than fiction” and understandably takes issue with the neighboring D.C.’s self-imposed legal inability to “kill the dang rats.”

As he describes, this poses a major problem for Virginia…

“They have to capture them – then capture them in families. [Not sure] how you’re going to figure that out with rats. And then you have to relocate them. That brings us to Virginia. Now, if you don’t relocate them about 25 miles away, according to experts, rodents will find their way back. Well, an easy way to solve that problem is to cross a river, and what’s on the other side of the river? Virginia.”

In the D.C. politician’s defense, they’re probably just trying to defend themselves from any loose – or literal – definitions of the word “rat.”

But even so, inconveniencing people to this extent all in order to protect creatures that would really and truly eat us alive if given the chance is nothing short of insane. And it doesn’t say much for what this country is becoming either.

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