Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nikki Minaj’s “Roman Holiday” Grammy Performance Smacks of Satan

Thanks to Nikki Minaj’s performance of her new single, “Roman Holiday,” at the Grammy’s on Sunday, Valentine’s Day came two days early… for Satan worshippers, anyway.

Minaj didn’t sacrifice baby piglets to Beelzebub or chant any ancient spells, but she deliberately went out of her way to make an ungodly impression all the same.

Capitalizing on the recent battle that the Catholic Church – and Christians in general – lost to President Obama over insurance-covered contraception, the twenty-something year-old hit the stage with an obvious theme: exorcism.

And what exorcism would be complete without dirty dancing priests, levitation and lots of cleavage?

Certainly not a Nikki Minaj one!

While singing her largely nonsensical lyrics that don’t really seem to have anything to do with anything, Minaj added some Look-at-Me-Look-at-Me-I’m-Possessed twitching while chained up inside an iron casket, strutted around the stage with her signature wide-eyed I’m-either-on-Drugs-or-Honestly-Think-This-Makes-Me-Come-across-as-Sexy look, and even knelt down to imitate praying at one point.

What happened after that, I have no clue. I actually felt uncomfortable enough to turn it off, something that doesn’t happen very often.

Admittedly, Nikki Minaj hasn’t built her career on behaving like a good little Christian girl by any stretch of the imagination. And it isn’t as if she has any earthly obligation to like or even respect Christianity in general or the Catholic Church specifically.

At the same time, it doesn’t say anything good about her – or a society that tolerates and even admires her – when she purposefully goes out of her way to top even fellow shock artist Lady Gaga at being needlessly sacrilegious.

Was Minaj actually possessed by Satan during her performance? It’s highly doubtful. (Though it does make quite the catchy headline, don’t you think?) But it probably would have been a lot more tolerable if she had been.

At least then she would have had an excuse for her deliberately disrespectful, immature and downright disgusting behavior.

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