Friday, March 23, 2012

Everything You Need to Know about the Keystone Pipeline and Obama’s Newest Claims on His Energy Failures… all Thanks to Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt

It’s sad when the leader of the (Still. Barely but still) most powerful nation in the world has the debating skills of a bratty middle schooler.

His maturity level, meanwhile, is decidedly lower.

If Obama has established a singular theme to his presidency, it’s that he can do anything… unless he can’t. Whenever he wants to pass something, it’s because he can change the world single-handedly. Whenever something goes wrong with what he whined and bullied and manipulated through an almost-as-pathetic Congress, it wasn’t his fault.

That stance is kinda funny though, considering how EVERYTHING was Bush’s fault back in 2008. The wars in the Middle East, the national deficit, a supposedly deplorable economy, high gas prices…

But now that he's president,  Obama refuses to take responsibility for any of it, unless of course he’s taking credit for the delusional recovery he alternately tries to convince us all we’re in the middle of. That recovery, he says, is the reason why gas prices are as high as they are right now. Or it’s due to speculators’ concerns over the Middle East. Or it’s because oil is such a finite resource that the world is barely eking anything out anymore.

But it’s DEFINITELY not his fault. Duh-duh-definitely, uuuhhh, not. No, he inherited this problem from Bush. And the reason why he blocked the Keystone Pipeline deal with Canada – which would have just about instantly created thousands of new jobs for Americans and probably appeased oil speculators to some degree or another – is because Republicans were irresponsibly rushing him.

Bad Republicans! Bad!

The thing is though, Obama isn’t nearly as stupid as he wants us all to be, so he knows that he’s not actually convincing too many Americans these days, not when so many of us are suffering from the ravages of record-high gasoline prices (for this time of year) and subsequent inflation. That’s why he’s so busy these days spinning one story after another, hoping that something will stick.

Yesterday, Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt wrote a brilliant commentary on the President’s current energy soap box, entitled “Obama tries to spread blame on Solyndra, Keystone.” It’s so good, in fact, that I couldn’t just pick a single paragraph out to highlight, and it even took a lot to limit myself to a mere fifth of the article.

You can read the whole piece here or my (multiple) favorite excerpts below:

“Obama, who is a long-time crusader against global warming, has suffered politically for his opposition to the pipeline. Global warming has faded as a concern for voters amid a lengthy economic disruption and with new doubts about the most alarming claims made by carbon hawks. With gasoline prices more than twice as high as they were when Obama took office, consumers are far less indulgent of Obama's environmental policies.

“The president's point in Cushing [Oklahoma, the world’s pipeline capital, where the President spoke at the other day] is that while he won't allow the top of the [Keystone] pipeline to go where the oil is, he has chosen not to block pipeline expansions at the southern end. This, of course, makes folks in the energy business furious. To have the president demanding credit for not blocking domestic pipeline upgrades is galling to them. They need executive blessing to cross the international border with Canada, but for domestic jobs they mostly just need Obama not to interfere and allow the permitting process to work as in the past.”

A bit further down, Stirewalt continues…

“While making his push for solar, Obama explained to a reporter for National Public Radio that the blame for Solyndra was bipartisan and not the fault of the Obama Democrats ‘per se.’

“‘Congress, Democrats and Republicans, put together a loan guarantee program because they understood historically that when you get new industries, it's easy to get money for new startups,’ Obama said. ‘But if you want to take them to scale, often there is a lot of risk involved and what the loan guarantee program was designed to do was to help start-up companies get to scale.’

“The 2009 stimulus package that provided the funding for a loan of $527 million for Solyndra, which subsequently defaulted, got zero Republican votes in the House and three Republican votes in the Senate -- Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and former Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, who switched parties two months after the vote. There was no Republican input on the structuring of the energy loan program and the specific loan to Solyndra was a Democratic job from start to finish.

“It's true that there has been bipartisan support for the Federal Financing Bank since before its founding in 1973. Republicans have increasingly come to dislike the idea of giving the government power to loan money to private enterprises – ‘picking winners and losers’ – because of a growing opposition to crony capitalism and how it perverts politics and the marketplace. But crony capitalism was once very, very popular among moderate Republicans who cherished ‘public-private partnerships’ and other hidey-holes for public funds.

“But to suggest that Solyndra, the pet project of a major Obama backer, George Kaiser, was somehow a bipartisan failure because Rockefeller Republicans like the idea of using other people's money to start businesses is a little far-fetched. That would be like the driver at fault in a car crash arguing that roads enjoy widespread public support and crashes are inevitable: ‘While my car may have collided with yours, surely we can all agree that infrastructure is vital to America.’”

“A little far-fetched” it definitely is. But at this point, President Obama, who started out with nothing but lies, has nothing but lies to stand on.

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