Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obamaland: A Basketball Slug-out, a $10,000 Dinner and Higher Taxes on Oil Companies

Last Wednesday, 37-year-old Shelly S. Miller’s daughter got into a fight with another player on her school basketball team, and so the assistant coach, Jeffrey Yackus, had both girls run laps around the inside of the gym.

But that wasn’t the big drama of the night.

That award goes to Miller, who thought the punishment so unjustified that he went and pummeled Yackus into unconsciousness. It seems safe to say that Miller doesn’t believe in teaching his daughter about actions and consequences, at least not when they apply to her.

I’d venture another good guess and say that Miller probably voted for Obama, who shares his belief that fairness and punishment are concepts entirely subjective to his whims.

Take his Vice President, Joe Biden, who spoke at an Obama fundraiser where guests had to pay a minimum of $10,000-per-couple to join. While the 87 attendees were dining on grass-fed New York strip steaks and white truffle mashed potatoes, the buffoonish Biden accused Republicans of lacking “a sense of the average folks out there. They don’t know what it means to be middle class.”

Oh yes he did. A classic case of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do.

It’s also a great example of being completely out of touch with reality, something that the Obama administration is familiar with as well. Just recently, Heather Zichal, deputy assistant to the President for energy and climate change, was asked whether punishing oil companies with higher taxes would lower the price of gas or not.

Her reply: “From our perspective, it’s a fairness issue.”

In other words, Americans will continue suffering indefinitely, taking what comfort we can from the idea that “the rich” are getting hurt too. How nice.

Thanks for that Obama. You’re so thoughtful. I’m sure I can utilize your “fairness” philosophy where it counts: At the voting booths.

See you in November!

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