Friday, March 9, 2012

Study Says Listening to Rock Music Makes White People Racist

Does listening to rock music make white people racist?

The answer is a resounding yes, at least according to one group of researchers who subjected 138 students to different genres and then asked them to distribute hypothetical funds to a variety of ethnically similar groups in need.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the young adults “were told they were taking part in a study of how funds should be distributed in college [and]… After listening to Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes, the students handed most of the money to white people.”

But Top 40 pop stars such as Gwen Stefani, Akon and Fergie inspired a more even distribution.

“Rock music is generally associated with white Americans, so we believe it cues white listeners to think about their positive association with their own in-group,” Heather LaMarre, an assistant professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of Minnesota, said. “That was enough for them to show more support for a student group representing mostly whites.”

This all makes me conclude that LaMarre and people who conducted the story are so stupid that it works in their favor. There are quite simply so many flaws with the idea that it’s bewildering.

But here… Let me take a deep breath and try to compose myself... And try again...

Problem Set 1: Why would anybody be wondering this question in the first place? Isn’t the assumption that white people listening to white-dominated genres itself racist, since it tries to – negatively! – categorize a whole group of people by the color of their skin? And regardless, shouldn’t they perform another study on themselves to determine what kind of music they’re listening to in order to automatically connect “white” music with something like racism?

Problem Set 2: Did they do a study on the effects of “black” music, (i.e. rap) on black people? Or white people, for that matter? If any kind of music was going to make white people racist, wouldn’t it be hearing the N-word repeated over, and over, and over again? Just sayin’.

Problem Set 3: Gwen Stefanie, Akon and Fergie make people less racist? Really? First off, two of them are white people. According to the sophomoric conjectures and conclusions of this study, shouldn’t that factor into listeners’ thought processes? Also, as much as I find much of these three artists’ music catchy, they’re also out-and-out self-made pointless bimbos, Akon included. Shouldn’t the researchers also checked to see if listeners lost some IQ points?

Problem Set 4: Gwen Stefanie, Akon and Fergie are also not shy about portraying women as easily obtained objects of male fantasyland, through their innuendo-laden lyrics and racy music videos. So a study judging transferred sexism would make a heck of a lot more sense.

In conclusion, does listening to rock music make white people racist? Only in liberal land, where anything makes sense if a liberal says it does.

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