Monday, March 19, 2012

The TSA Strikes Again, This Time with a Three-Year-Old Boy with a Broken Leg

The all-American TSA has evoked so many complaints by this point that it’s decided to implement a new program where airlines can invite certain passengers to sidestep the possibility of pat downs and long lines.

This privilege comes with cushy perks like the right to leave shoes on, laptops in their cases, and liquids loose. All for just $100.

It almost seems that the TSA is interested in becoming an exclusive, for-profit business even though it’s fully funded with taxpayer dollars.

Since this is all being implemented under the Obama administration, it’s logical to wonder whatever happened to the President’s constant ballyhooing about evening out American income levels in the name of fairness. What’s fair about this program when handpicked people who have $100 to throw around can bypass federal rules and regulations that are forced on everybody else?

But since they’re a government-mandated monopoly, flyers have to pay up or put up and shut up. Either that or stay grounded.

Those unwilling to pay an extra $100 have to risk subjecting themselves or their children to unmerited, invasive search procedures.

It doesn’t matter if the suspected perp is a frightened three-year-old boy in a wheelchair with a cast on his broken leg. He still has to not only be fully examined, but also swabbed for explosive residue while his parents are forced to stand off to the side, not even allowed to hold his hand.

Somewhere, there’s a terrorist laughing. And no wonder when the TSA is such an anti-American joke.

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