Friday, April 27, 2012

America the Beautiful

Looking over exactly who is reading my blog, I had to take a step back and recognize just how harshly I judge my country most mornings. Yet I still came to the conclusion that my consistent condemnation of America’s unnecessary and unsustainable government spending, atrociously one-sided education system and gimme-gimme-gimme public mentality is justified.

With that all said though, I also think it’s important to acknowledge that America is still an amazing country, and that we still have what it takes to get out of our present, self-made mess.

As foolish as the U.S. has been over the last hundred years or so – gradually destroying the freedoms we say we uphold – we still have far more reason to appreciate our present situation and hope for the future than:

  • Most if not all of Europe, with its firmly entrenched socialist policies that now have its various governments desperately overwhelmed and under-resourced, and its people unwilling to accept any solutions that don’t involve continued and indefensible government pampering
  • Most if not all of Africa, with its high poverty rates, tragically violent outbreaks and entirely corrupt regimes
  • Most if not all of the Middle East, with its repression against women and humanity in general
  • Most if not all of South America, which – despite impressive growth in countries like Brazil – still has a long way to go towards fully embracing equal opportunities for all
  • Most if not all of Asia, which still suffers strongly under oppressive leaders – even in China, despite what its government wants people to think – and/or economic malaise
  • The rest of North America, which have dreadful healthcare systems that regularly keep wealthier Canadians and Mexicans traveling to the U.S. for their needs, while the poorer ones suffer without

In other words, for all of its many, serious faults and flaws, the U.S. is still a land of opportunity where people with little more than ambition and character can make themselves successful.

But that isn’t because Americans are born with some superior set of skills over everybody else. Because clearly, the U.S. is filled with a great number of idiots, as evidenced by even a brief glance at the news.

Instead, it’s because of the entrepreneurial spirit that America still engenders, which gives natives and –legal – transplants room to grow in just about any way they want to. Just think about all of the immigrants who have come here over the centuries and made the history books… or paved the way for their children to do so.

That’s all thanks to the system of government our Founding Fathers hammered out so carefully at America’s beginning. They gave us a structure that supports freedom, and that’s a structure worth fighting for… even if it means pointing out America’s flaws day after day after day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teens Learn to Make Liquor from Hand Sanitizer

Among the multitude of disturbing headlines today is this one: “Surge In Alcohol Poisoning Cases Tied To Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer.”

The article starts out:

“Health officials on Tuesday reported the rise of a troubling new trend in Southland emergency rooms: teenagers being treated for alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer.”

So apparently, the headline wasn’t lying or even misleading. The story continues…

“At least six Southland teens have been treated for drinking hand sanitizer – which is 62 percent ethyl alcohol – after zero cases were reported last year.

“Dr. Cyrus Rangan, chief of toxicology for the Los Angeles County Health Department, said kids have figured out how to distill the alcohol and turn it into a 120 proof drink.”

I have no further comments at this time, because mere comments really just can’t suffice right now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Comments on Facebook Brawl in California Shows Just How Careful We Need to Be

Sometimes the comments are the only reason to read online news stories. And sometimes they’re just as depressing as the articles themselves.

That is definitely true of “FacebookComments Reportedly Trigger Large Female Fight,” which CBS Sacramento recently published. The covered details are disturbing enough alone, but the comments add a whole new layer of negative statements that can be made about our society.

According to the story, a catfight of ridiculous proportions broke out between more than 30 women in Del Paso Heights, California on Sunday. Some of them were armed with baseball bats and at least one stole a candle from a nearby makeshift memorial. Allegedly it all started with a few Facebook posts, which escalated into an advertised opportunity to duke it out.

Lovely, right? But readers’ responses were just as sad.

A large number of them automatically assumed the women involved were black, though there was no absolute proof of such included in the story. And some of the comments were glaringly racist, filled with race-related profanity and even calls for genocide against African Americans.

There is no excuse for that kind of response any more than there’s one for grown women to act like pointless delinquents. But there is something to be learned from both groups all the same…

For better or worse, people automatically represent everything that makes up who they are. That means that, if I behave badly, I risk painting more than just myself in a bad light. Depending on who saw or heard me and what prejudices and experiences they might have, I could easily feed into unwelcome stereotypes about Christians, conservatives, women or white people.

It’s unfortunate that other people might suffer from my actions, which they had no control over, but it’s an unavoidable fact of life all the same. Human nature tends to try to simplify whatever it can, and – let’s face it – it’s a lot more simplistic to treat people as categories than individuals.

And that was all just in the past month or so, giving fodder and the perception of justification to the racists posting on CBS Sacramento (who automatically make white people look bad).

 That’s sad and pathetic on multiple levels and for multiple people. But it’s something that we all need to keep in mind regardless. We don’t live in a vacuum, and it’s high time we start acting like what we say and do might possibly mean something.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Comes after the Government-Run TSA Tires of Terrorizing Little Children?

Today, we have some news that a Palestinian man has been sentenced to death by Palestinian authorities for selling a home to a Jew. That’s horrible and ridiculous, but it’s sadly not surprising considering Palestine’s usual repression of freedom and disregard for human rights.

What should be surprising – but is becoming almost commonplace itself – is how the U.S. government is treating U.S. citizens these days. Sure, Americans aren’t legally being punished for improper interactions with the wrong race, ethnicity or gender. (Though certain civilians are increasingly doing just that, savaging white people as supposed “justice for Trayvon Martin.”)

But just because the government isn’t behaving as badly as it could be doesn’t mean that it’s behaving well. Quite the contrary when it’s pushing its own set of rules through organizations like the TSA with an unforgiving amount of force.

Take what just happened at a Wichita, Kansas airport, where the Brademeyers were flying out of after attending a wedding. Mrs. Brademeyer and her two children were able to pass through the security checkpoint just fine, but her mother somehow tripped up the scanners.

That was when four-year-old Isabella ran over to her grandmother to give her a seconds-long hug, which quickly launched yet another completely overblown episode of the TSA Gone Wild.

While the U.S. media seems to be ignoring the incident, the UK’s Daily Mail reports:

“The young girl was immediately detained by security agents, who apparently shouted at her that she would have to be frisked too, and refused to let her mother explain what was happening.

“Ms. Brademeyer wrote: ‘It was implied, several times, that my mother, in their brief two-second embrace, had passed a handgun to my daughter.’

“In her terror, Isabella tried to run away rather than face a full body pat-down, which unsurprisingly enraged the TSA officers further.

“One officer even told the girl’s mother that the airport would have to be shut down and every flight canceled if the four-year-old did not cooperate.”

Apparently, the child was a “high security threat.” And when she was taken into a side room where she wouldn’t stop crying – despite stern orders from the TSA agent to do so – and refused to let the agents pat her down, backup was called since “the suspect” was “not cooperating.”

Of course, no illicit weapon was ever found on or linked to the four-year-old or any member of her party. So the whole show of power was only good for one thing… as a show of power.

Terrorizing little children can only fulfill so much of a tyrannical individual or organization’s lust for power though. So even if America is willing to sacrifice its youth for the idea of safety, we still need to start looking around at the rest of the world and asking: What Comes Next?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Passes Followed by Snowstorm

So apparently yesterday was Earth Day, something I’ve only now become aware of. But now that I’m cognizant of that fascinating fact, I have a few words to say on the subject:

Blah blah blah, chirp chirp, beep beep.

Ok, they’re not really bonafide words (though Windows’ spellcheck seems to recognize them as such, not that that says anything), more like expressions of disgust. This begs the question of why I’m taking such a callous attitude towards something that allegedly keeps people up at night in fits of nerves and fear for the future?

The answer, however, is really quite simple: Because right now, along the East Coast, it’s snowing. In late April. Which it normally doesn’t do this time of year and which it really shouldn’t do if the earth is heating up like so-called scientists say it is.

And let’s face it: It’s really difficult to take much of anything seriously – especially an utter joke – when you’re freezing cold.

Friday, April 20, 2012

There Are Way Too Many Stupid People out There These Days

Today’s blog is one of those Let’s-Talk-about-Stupid pieces. Because, let’s face it, there’s a whole lot of stupid out there.

Desperately contending for the top-10 list is the woman who just got legal permission to receive worker’s compensation from a federal court because – wait for it – she was injured in her hotel room while having sex.

Not. Even. Kidding.

(Incidentally, the judge who delivered the decision deserves an honorable mention as well.)

And that might not even be the worst of the frivolous lawsuits circulating right now, considering Charla Nash’s case. She was the lady who had her face chewed off by her friend’s pet chimpanzee a few years ago. And now she’s suing the state for the attack.

Her attorney, Charles Willinger, says that the Connecticut government – specifically the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) – “knew it was an accident waiting to happen. They knew the animal had no permit, and in spite of all this, the DEEP took no action. Under Connecticut law… the DEEP must either issue a permit or the statute says it shall seize and dispose of the animal. It chose to do neither.”

Willinger clearly has a point in directing attention to the fact that, if the government is going to be making intrusive rules, it should also be enforcing them. But what he fails to mention is how bewilderingly foolish his client is.

Only an exceptionally stupid individual would willingly associate with a woman who not only keeps a 200-pound chimpanzee on her property but lets it roam freely and treats it like her child.

Sorry, but it’s true.

It’s also true that the Secret Service agency is filled with similarly ignorant individuals, as evidenced by the still-unwinding case of their dangerously boorish behavior with Columbian prostitutes. In addition, it’s also come to light that one of the men involved, David Randall Chaney, was stupid enough to post his thoughts about then-VP nominee Sarah Palin when he was assigned to her detail back in 2008.

His status: “I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?”

Clearly, either Chaney is stupid enough to think Facebook a secure sight, is stupid enough to believe the comment was appropriate for a taxpayer-paid protective personnel, or is stupid enough to think that it’s acceptable to behave like a dumb jock well into his 40s.

Regardless of exactly how or why, however, it’s fairly undeniable that he is in fact stupid… Just one more product of our post-intellectual era.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parents Sue Apple for Making “Highly Addictive” games… and a Few Other Signs America’s Future Is in Jeopardy

There are three disturbing child-related news stories circulating right now, each varying drastically but still equally indicative of just how far we’ve slid as a nation.

First up, parents are apparently suing Apple, Inc., alleging that the company deliberately designs “games [to be] highly addictive,” which then “tend to compel children playing them to purchase large quantities of game currency, amounting to as much as $100 per purchase or more.”

Then there’s the fact that the Los Angeles Unified School District is actually considering a plan to reduce the number of credits students need to graduate high school, from 230 to 170. And that’s in addition to making electives entirely optional to each individual student. According to CBS’ Los Angeles chapter, “This would allow students to repeat classes or get tutoring during the school day.”

Meanwhile, down in Houston, four teens – two girls and two boys – have been charged with the murder of a homeless man. Their alleged motivation was the $1 dollar he had on him at the time.

Seriously. And this is America’s future.

A few notes about each:

  • To the parents upset that their children spent so much money on Apple’s digital accessories, there’s an ap for that: It’s called supervision… as in you taking a less superficial, less ignorant interest in what your kids are doing every day.
  • To the LA school board trying to make it easier for kids to graduate from an already severely lacking education system: How about trying to inspire them to greatness instead of encouraging them to seek special treatment? Shocking though that concept might be, it might actually work… and it probably couldn’t do any more damage than the current course of sub-par expectations does.
  • To the teens who murdered the homeless man in Houston: You four serve as an excellent example of what the ill-advised “carpe diem” mentality the entertainment industry shamelessly peddles can lead to. Just because the thought pops into your head doesn’t mean it needs to be acted on. Especially in the case of messing with another person’s life.

While children are each accountable for their own actions just like adults, the three examples above indicate just how easy it is these days to make bad decisions in life.

Refusing responsibility is encouraged everywhere: At home, at school and in entertainment. And don’t tell me I’m stretching on the last one when so many songs today are blatantly or indirectly about ignoring potential consequences and treating other people with contempt.

When children act on those messages the adults inexcusably send them, it’s a very frightening sign that we’re doing something incredibly wrong. And if we with our ignorant mentalities are producing such disappointing offspring, how much worse is the next generation going to be?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GSA Officials Office Excuse for Wasting Taxpayer Money in Las Vegas: I Didn’t Know

Yahoo! News is running a story on the GSA spending scandal today that is so short it’s really more of a snippet than an article. Fortunately, that suits me just fine since I’m feeling rather lazy this morning myself.

So without further ado, here it is…

     Fired GSA official: planned to pay for party

     A fired General Services Administration official says he didn't know 
     taxpayers would be billed $1,960 for a party in his luxury suite at a Las 
     Vegas resort.

     Robert Peck said Tuesday he had paid for some food out of his own 
     pocket and was surprised when additional food arrived — eventually 
     paid for by taxpayers.

     The agency's new leadership has demanded the amount be repaid and Peck 
     said he would do so.

     Peck testified before the House Transportation Committee on the second day 
     of hearings into excessive spending at the agency's Las Vegas conference in 
     October 2010 and on other travel.

     He was fired as Public Buildings Commissioner after the inspector general 
     reported some $823,000 was spent at the conference in violation of agency 

Personally, I’m disappointed in his excuse. As a government official, I feel as if Peck could have done a lot better. Even alien possessions or dogs eating homework would mark an improvement to the atrociously mundane (and all-around tired) "I didn't know."

The next time the Washington in-crowd gets caught behaving like they always do (i.e. badly), I expect a much more creative explanation. If I’m going to be swindled by the people charged with representing me, they at least owe me a laugh or two.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yahoo! Looks Stupid Trying to Defend Sarah Silverman’s Abortion Joke

Yahoo!’s OMG is taking issue with the Drudge Report for how the latter linked to a recent Sarah Silverman story. Problem is, Yahoo is just making itself look stupid.

Like really, really, really stupid. So stupid, in fact, that it’s actually newsworthy instead of mind-numbingly mundane.

It all started last week when Silverman, who thinks herself a comedian (There’s inappropriate humor that can still be funny. Then there’s Sarah Silverman, who’s just kinda… well… dumb.), tweeted two photos of herself.

The one was a mock “before” picture of her showing off a rounded stomach and the other featured her supposedly signature washboard abs. (I don’t pay her nearly enough attention to know how she usually looks, since I have better things to do with my time.)

She then captioned the photos with “It’s a burrito!” and “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.” And when referencing this, Yahoo! felt the need to tell its readers that “R v W” stands for Roe v Wade,” clearly indicating just how stupid it assumes its audience is.

But OMG goes even further, by trying to convince readers that “Casually shocking humor has always been part of Silverman’s act, and the latest joke, despite the attention paid to it by Drudge, isn’t really a joke about terminating a pregnancy: The only thing getting aborted is a burrito.”

Except that it clearly is a joke about terminating a pregnancy. Silverman quite obviously wasn’t pregnant, merely bloated by her counter-intellectual opinions and tactless ways of airing them (not to mention the burrito), but she was still mocking the significance of pregnancy.

How else can Yahoo! explain that she used an abbreviated version of “abortion” and referenced Roe v. Wade?

I would suggest that the staff there look up the definition of a joke in a dictionary. Because if they do, they’ll see that I’m right and they’re exceptionally, overwhelmingly and pointlessly stupid.

Rather like the “comedian” they seem so intent on defending.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fattest Nation on Earth

Contrary to popular belief, America is not the fattest nation on earth.

That undesirable title goes to Qatar, which incidentally is also the richest nation on earth. Apparently a full half of adults there are considered obese, while 17% of the population in general suffers from diabetes.

19-year-old Hassan Tiaz told Atlantic magazine that the country’s obesity problem is “because in Qatar, we just sit, smoke and eat junk food. There’s not too much work. Everything is automatic and most of us just sit in air-conditioned offices and cars. Everything is done for us.”

Adds MailOnline: “The nation also suffers from a high rate of birth defects and genetic disorders – which experts put down to the custom of inter-marriage between close family members and cousins.”

America, on the other hand, records just a third of its adults as obese and 8% as diabetic. (And our practically non-existent examples of intermarriage-related birth defects are even more impressive!).

So the next time some Occupy Wall Street airhead type starts yapping about America being the fattest nation on Earth due to its backwards capitalist ways, you can happily point out their ignorance… and then cordially invite them to move their protests to Qatar instead.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Am the 99%. For Now…

Yesterday, while driving home, I noticed myself behind a minivan that featured a “We Are the 99%” sticker on its bumper.

My first response was to roll my eyes at both the message and the larger movement. And my second was to think, “Yeah, so am I. So what?”

But after a short, mental diatribe against the pointlessness of envy (Which Wikipedia surprisingly defines quite nicely as not only the resentment “that another person has something they perceive as lacking, but also [the] wish [for] the other person to be deprived of” it.), my third reaction was to really contemplate the bumper sticker and what it really meant.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I am most definitely in the 99% of wealth distribution in this country. And sure, I would someday like to be in the 1%.

But unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement and its followers, I want to make my money on my own merit, based on my own hard work, ingenuity and success.

  • I want to write the next New York Times best-selling novel that gets everybody buzzing about a possible Hollywood contract.
  • I want to air my opinions in such a captivating way that I grow a significantly sized audience (and enough advertising revenue to hire a proofreader who can catch my inevitable spelling and grammar mistakes).
  • I want to become an editor for some top-notch publishing company, where I can foster authors to produce works they can be proud of instead of the badly executed rough drafts that keep hitting the shelves these days.

And I want to profit from it all. (Yes, I know I used the P-word. Deal with it.) But I want those profits because I earned them.

There’s absolutely no honor in accepting coerced handouts from the 1%. Nor is there any future in it, since there is only so much the 99% can bleed from the 1% before they fall over dead and drained.

And since I’m not a financial vampire, that parasitic lifestyle with its short-term benefits just doesn’t appeal to me.

Hard work and perseverance, however, have much better long-term results. Because even if I somehow don’t succeed through circumstances beyond my control, I can at least stand on the knowledge that I gave it my all, which is something to be proud of.

So yes, I am the 99%. And that’s really ok for now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Democrat Hilary Rosen Ignorantly Fires a Shot at Ann Romney in the War on Women

Democratic strategist and DNC adviser Hilary Rosen just misfired badly enough in the so-called “War on Women” that even by die-hard leftists on Obama’s reelection campaign felt the need to rebuke her.

While appearing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Rosen said that Ann Romney, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s wife, “has actually never worked a day in her life” since she was a stay at home mother of five.

As a working woman myself, I’m hardly opposed to the idea of businesswomen. But unlike Rosen, I also understand the value of a stay-at-home mom, in part because my mother – one of the most intelligent women I know – did just that. And when I tell you that she worked hard, that doesn’t come even close to doing her efforts justice.

Recognizing the potential backlash from such wonderful (and apparently highly unappreciated) women, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina quickly tweeted that he “could not disagree with Hilary Rosen more strongly. Her comments were wrong and family should be off limits. She should apologize.” And even David Axelrod took to the net to express his disappointment “in Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney. They were inappropriate and offensive.”

For her part though, Rosen isn’t backing down, responding with a tweet or two of her own, including: “I’ve nothing against @AnnRomney. I just don’t want Mitt using her as an expert on women struggling $ to support their family. She isn’t.” and “@AnnDRomney Please know, I admire you. But your husband shouldn’t say you are his expert on women and the economy.”

But why shouldn’t he?

She is a woman, isn’t she? So she therefore has a special insight into the feminine world that Romney, as a man, does not. Wouldn’t it be an insult to her – and an unflattering insinuation about his views on women in general – if he dismissed her advice as invalid just because she chose family over a career?

As for her economic input, a stay at home mother is just as qualified to talk about the economy as anybody else, especially considering her probable list of daily activities.

She goes to the grocery store to pick up food every week, where inflationary prices slap her up and down every single aisle… She has to run her children around to their various extracurricular activities, and therefore suffers significantly from high gasoline prices… And while she might not have an income of her own, she actively participates in her husband’s. If he gets a raise or a paycut, you’d better darn well believe that she knows about it and feels the effects too!

What does Rosen think? That they sit on their cushy tushies all day and eat bonbons?

So forget Hilary Rosen’s ignorant comments, and viva las Stay-at-Home Mothers! You gals are great!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Foreign Spies Really Appreciate the American Education System

On April 8, Bloomberg broke a story about foreign spies’ renewed interest in infiltrating American institutions of higher education.

The article cites the case of Michigan State University, which has a satellite campus in Dubai. In 2009, that arm was in desperate need of a cash infusion when a local company with a number of Iranian investors offered to come to the rescue.

Finding the proposal suspicious, school president Lou Anna K. Simon contacted the CIA, which couldn’t confirm that the Dubai-based business wasn’t a front for Iran’s government. So Simon (surprisingly) did the responsible and patriotic thing and turned the offer down.

Bloomberg continues: “Hearkening back to Cold War anxieties, growing signs of spying on U.S. universities are alarming national security officials. As schools become more global in their locations and student populations, their culture of openness and international collaboration makes them increasingly vulnerable to theft of research conducted for the government and industry.”

It’s probably not inaccurate to cite the world’s growing interconnectivity as one reason why unfriendly foreign powers find it so easy to utilize universities in their machinations. But let’s face it: The general dumbing down of American education doesn’t hurt their cause either.

Bloomberg might feel better calling this phenomenon a “culture of openness.” Yet it’s much more aptly described as a culture of mindless acceptance, one that involves as little genuine thought process and as much good-old fashioned brainwashing as possible.

How else can Harvard Law School justify its new “Understanding Obama” course, which focuses “on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader?”

Please somebody tell me what the intellectual point is in taking a college course of a still-standing president? Isn’t that what the news and personal powers of observation are for?

And in the case of President Obama, why not just take a course on Marxist theory? Because having one course for each is just pointlessly repetitive.

Considering the predominance of hard left-leaning faculty members with their anti-American opinions on just about every college campus in the U.S., it’s no wonder that foreign entities find the U.S. education system so helpful…

It’s the perfect breeding ground to gain acceptance into American culture while simultaneously serving as excellent sources of recruitment.

Regardless of the ultimate purpose of spies’ visits to U.S. universities, it’s safe to say a decent half of their work is done before they even get there… courtesy of America’s own educators.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder Responds to James O’Keefe’s Example of Voter Fraud

Yesterday, James O’Keefe released a video showing Attorney General Eric Holder just how wrong he is about voter fraud. In it, a young white man is given the identification-less opportunity to vote as Holder – a middle-aged black man – at an accredited voting station in Washington DC.

And if he had wanted to, he would have been able to get away with it. Easily.

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice responded by saying, “It’s no coincidence that these so-called examples of rampant voter fraud consistently turn out to be manufactured ones.”

Manufactured? Sure. But it’s still exceedingly relevant since it shows just how easy it is to commit voter fraud when ID isn’t required.

And no matter how hard Mr. Holder tries, he can’t convince me that he’s too stupid not to know that. I can, however, be easily convinced that he’s smart enough to use the lax laws to his and his party’s advantage, especially when he has no problem bastardizing the legal system to suit his agenda elsewhere.

From what America has seen so far, that agenda includes allowing the Black Panthers to literally get away with murder.

Holder’s affinity for the militant racist group first came to light when he completely dismissed the voter intimidation case against them, which was built around solid, documented evidence filmed at voting stations during the 2008 presidential elections.

It should have been an easy case to prosecute, but the Attorney General made it an easy crime to get away with instead.

And he’s once again turning a blind eye to the Black Panthers’ bad behavior, this time with the Trayvon Martin case. While they’re not even trying to hide the bounty they’ve put on shooter George Zimmerman’s head (dead or alive), Holder hasn’t bothered to do so much as address the blatantly illegal case of vigilante justice, much less condemn it.

With that kind of unethical behavior seemingly his norm, it’s really no surprise President Obama’s Attorney General wouldn’t care to reconsider his views in the face of O’Keefe’s damning evidence.

Evidence clearly doesn’t matter to him, just race and partisan gains, no matter how unethically they’re attained.

Monday, April 9, 2012

James O’Keefe Shows Eric Holder that Voting Fraud Really Is a Problem

When I voted in the Maryland primaries last week, I couldn’t help but notice how I didn’t have to show any ID.

Not a driver’s license, not a voting registration card. Nothing.

A very nice woman just asked me what my name, address, date of birth and political party were, and then directed me to another very nice woman who showed me how to operate the electronic voting booth.

I remember thinking, as I went through the process, how easy it must be to get all of the necessary data to vote in somebody’s place, despite liberals’ assurance that voter fraud doesn’t happen.

It turns out that they’re wrong as usual, this time evidenced by conservative activist James O’Keefe, who staged, filmed and broadcasted a little trick at a voting place down in DC.

The camera follows a young white man who gives Attorney General Eric Holder’s name and address, and is promptly allowed to vote, even though Holder – a high-ranking, high-profile member of the Obama administration – is a middle-aged black man.

But what’s even more humiliating for the anti-ID crowd is Holder’s staunch denial (up until this point anyway) that voting fraud is a problem.

It’s of course doubtful that somebody as close-mindedly opinionated as Eric Holder is going to change his mind on the issue, even with blatant evidence shoved so spectacularly in his face. After all, a tiger can’t change his stripes and a liberal doesn’t accept defeat gracefully.

But it’s still really fun to watch all the same.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Atheist Agenda Offers Pornography for Bibles

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that I don’t understand atheism.

To me, it makes little logical sense to believe that there isn’t a God out there, especially considering the unbelievably complexity of life as we know it, from the universe with its comets and suns and black holes, to the microscopic mysteries of DNA.

But I find it even more nonsensical to mock a person’s religious beliefs. Discuss, debate, disprove and disapprove of, sure. Mock, no.

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to give that memo of maturity to the Atheist Agenda, a student group at the University of Texas. They recently set up a booth on the San Antonio campus promising “Smut for Smut,” a controversial, annual campaign that offers pornography in exchange for a Bible or any other religious material.

Atheist Agenda President Kyle Bush explained:

“The point is not to hand out porn, but rather the primary purpose is to get people to come talk to us so we can get our message out. We want to spread atheism and bring it more to the spotlight. We offer another alternative to people who might not fit in anywhere else.”

If that’s true, a few questions for Mr. Bush and his fellow mockers:
  • If the point isn’t to hand out porn, then why are they handing out porn?
  • If they want an actual discussion, then why are they acting so offensively?
  • If they die and find out that they’ve been insulting a real God, then what?
Of course, the Atheist Agenda individuals are not the only ones out there perpetuating the theory that there is no god. And some unbelievers handle their religious views very respectfully.

It’s also true that there are obnoxious people within any religion. There are Christians who thrust their spiritual thoughts into any conversation with an appalling lack of tact. There are Jews who look down their nose at anybody who isn’t Jewish. And there are Muslims who go and blow people up in the name of Allah.

(Incidentally, the Atheist Agenda accepts Qurans for porn as well, which might not be the brightest move considering what Muslim groups have done to far lesser slights.)

But what other religious group is known for going out of its way to mock the opposition? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any. And that has to say something…

Something like: If mockery is one of their (collective) primary tools, then their platform isn’t much to stand on.

Especially not in the face of eternity.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kendra Velzen Knows Her Rights… to a Guinea Pig on Campus

First we had the right to abortion, then to healthcare and birth control.

And now, it’s apparently to guinea pigs on campus.

I’m not even kidding, though I rather wish I was.

Student Kendra Velzen is suing Grand Valley State University in western Michigan for banning animals on campus. The basis for her lawsuit is simple: She suffers from both depression and a heart condition, which the guinea pigs allegedly treat in the form of emotional support.

But it isn’t just about her. Oh no. It’s the law!

Stephen Dane, Velzen’s lawyer, explains:

“The Fair Housing Act is not limited to trained therapy animals or service animals. There are no restrictions under the Fair Housing Act as to the nature of the animal that provides support or otherwise to tenants. There is one or more court decisions that say there is no training requires… for emotional support animals. There are a lot of people who just don’t understand what the Fair Housing Act requires, and it’s too bad.”

“It’s too bad?” Out of everything wrong in the world, not having a guinea pig is “too bad?”

Little children are being forced into prostitution in India and China right now, a father and husband is in jail facing the death penalty for his religious beliefs in Iran, and U.S. soldiers are returning home to families who have no idea how to cope with their loved ones’ post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

But we’re supposed to feel bad because Kendra Velzen can’t keep a guinea pig on campus?

What’s next? The right to chocolate chip cookies, specifically the soft-baked kind you can buy in tubs at Giant grocery stores? ‘Cause guess what? Those certainly help me through my emotional problems, so why shouldn’t I demand that other stores carry them as well to make things more convenient for me? Why should I have to toughen up and deal with it if the cookies are less available?

Please, somebody tell me when we started becoming a nation of such whiny, demanding children?

Oh right. It’s when liberal theology started taking over.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NBC Offers the Weakest Apology for Doctoring George Zimmerman’s 911 Call

Concerning the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, NBC basically giftwrapped and hand-delivered full-out proof that it – and the rest of the mainstream media – can’t be trusted.

For the last few weeks, we’ve heard all about how racist Hispanic George Zimmerman is, even though up to this point, the media has vehemently denied that any non-Caucasian could be any such thing. Apparently in their hierarchy of victims, however, blacks trump Hispanics.

That seems to be the only logical conclusion to reach when NBC deliberately doctored Zimmerman’s 911 call from:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.
Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?
Zimmerman: He looks black.


Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

The chances of of that kind of editing being anything but intentional are infinitesimally small. At best. Yet after the real tape came to light, NBC only issued this statement:

“During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret. We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.”

Really? That’s all we get? Not even a pathetic excuse of an apology? Just an acknowledgment that they messed up?

That’s a heck of a copout considering that, in large part due to their misinformation:

  • There is now a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, courtesy of the Black Panthers
  • There are death threats against his parents
  • An elderly couple had to go into hiding after morons like Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr mistook them for Zimmerman’s parents and tweeted their address to the race-baited public
  • The name “George Zimmerman” has been dragged through the mud and raked over the coals
Even if NBC blatantly groveled for forgiveness, it still wouldn’t right the egregious wrong it committed. Regardless of whether Zimmerman unjustly shot Trayvon Martin or not, he would be within his rights to sue NBC for all it’s worth.

Admittedly though, it isn’t worth very much.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Green Energy Takes Taxpayers into the Red Again

Green energy.

It sounds like such a nice idea, especially when contrasted with smog, barren wastelands and dying baby seals. But like just about every other liberal strategy out there, that nice idea crashed and burns when it meets reality.

(Sorry, baby seals.)

America got a good dose of that reality last year when the news first struck that Solyndra, a solar panel company liberals were in love with, was going bankrupt… despite receiving about half a billion from Obama’s so-called stimulus planning.

And it quickly became apparent that Solyndra wasn’t the only green energy start-up with a shady combination of political connections, taxpayer backing and ultimate failure.

There was also:

  • SpectraWatt and its $500,000 federal grant
  • Mountain Plaza, which supposedly warranted $2 million
  • Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquistion Co.’s $10 million check
  • Beacon Power Corp, which received $43 million
Perhaps one massive failure like that can be dismissed as a mistake, and two can still be construed as a fluke. But three is a definite trend, four is an embarrassment and five is utterly maddening.

And now there’s a sixth example (at least) of what a sick, twisted, irresponsible joke the Obama administration and its green energy scheme really is.

Back in April 2011, Solar Trust of America received up to $2.1. Now, exactly one year later, it’s filing for bankruptcy protection, since it can’t find the finances to pay that original loan off.

At this rate of financial failure, the United States of America is going to be up next.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The U.S. Freaks out about Foxconn Worker Abuse in China and Blames Apple… but Fails to See the Real Comparison at Hand

There’s a lot to be said about China and the Chinese, especially in the wake of the so-called employee abuse scandal at Foxconn, the giant product-assembly facility that services Apple.

While the Fair Labor Association’s recently conducted study has thrust both Foxconn and Apple into a negative light (not that Apple users are really going to give up their iPods, iPads, iPhones or Macbooks over humans rights issues, real or contrived), it’s also illustrated a few fascinating facts about the Chinese.

For example, according to Yahoo! Finance’s Henry Blodget, “The FLA study found many violations of Chinese labor laws,” one of them being “‘overwork.’ In peak manufacturing periods, Foxconn employees worked long hours with minimal time off. As a result, the FLA has demanded that Foxconn hire more workers…”

But, also according to Blodget, a mere 18% of Foxconn workers actually think they work too much. 48% said their hours were reasonable, while the remaining 34% actually wanted to work more!

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., we have the Occupy Wall Street movement emerging from its cushy winter hibernation to once again complain about how some people make more money than others. (Even though that’s completely natural, considering that some people work a heck of a lot harder than others and others, like Occupy Wall Street, think they should be paid just for existing.)

Possibly, just possibly, anti-capitalist Americans can learn something about sacrifice, long-term thinking and achievement, as exhibited over in China, where people actually work for a living (shocking thought).

As it is though, too many of us seem far more willing to model the nation after the intrusively controlling Chinese government – which can shut down websites and put cities on military lockdown whenever it gets a case of the nerves – than its hard-working citizens.

Whatever that says about America, it certainly isn’t good.