Friday, April 27, 2012

America the Beautiful

Looking over exactly who is reading my blog, I had to take a step back and recognize just how harshly I judge my country most mornings. Yet I still came to the conclusion that my consistent condemnation of America’s unnecessary and unsustainable government spending, atrociously one-sided education system and gimme-gimme-gimme public mentality is justified.

With that all said though, I also think it’s important to acknowledge that America is still an amazing country, and that we still have what it takes to get out of our present, self-made mess.

As foolish as the U.S. has been over the last hundred years or so – gradually destroying the freedoms we say we uphold – we still have far more reason to appreciate our present situation and hope for the future than:

  • Most if not all of Europe, with its firmly entrenched socialist policies that now have its various governments desperately overwhelmed and under-resourced, and its people unwilling to accept any solutions that don’t involve continued and indefensible government pampering
  • Most if not all of Africa, with its high poverty rates, tragically violent outbreaks and entirely corrupt regimes
  • Most if not all of the Middle East, with its repression against women and humanity in general
  • Most if not all of South America, which – despite impressive growth in countries like Brazil – still has a long way to go towards fully embracing equal opportunities for all
  • Most if not all of Asia, which still suffers strongly under oppressive leaders – even in China, despite what its government wants people to think – and/or economic malaise
  • The rest of North America, which have dreadful healthcare systems that regularly keep wealthier Canadians and Mexicans traveling to the U.S. for their needs, while the poorer ones suffer without

In other words, for all of its many, serious faults and flaws, the U.S. is still a land of opportunity where people with little more than ambition and character can make themselves successful.

But that isn’t because Americans are born with some superior set of skills over everybody else. Because clearly, the U.S. is filled with a great number of idiots, as evidenced by even a brief glance at the news.

Instead, it’s because of the entrepreneurial spirit that America still engenders, which gives natives and –legal – transplants room to grow in just about any way they want to. Just think about all of the immigrants who have come here over the centuries and made the history books… or paved the way for their children to do so.

That’s all thanks to the system of government our Founding Fathers hammered out so carefully at America’s beginning. They gave us a structure that supports freedom, and that’s a structure worth fighting for… even if it means pointing out America’s flaws day after day after day.

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