Friday, April 6, 2012

The Atheist Agenda Offers Pornography for Bibles

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that I don’t understand atheism.

To me, it makes little logical sense to believe that there isn’t a God out there, especially considering the unbelievably complexity of life as we know it, from the universe with its comets and suns and black holes, to the microscopic mysteries of DNA.

But I find it even more nonsensical to mock a person’s religious beliefs. Discuss, debate, disprove and disapprove of, sure. Mock, no.

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to give that memo of maturity to the Atheist Agenda, a student group at the University of Texas. They recently set up a booth on the San Antonio campus promising “Smut for Smut,” a controversial, annual campaign that offers pornography in exchange for a Bible or any other religious material.

Atheist Agenda President Kyle Bush explained:

“The point is not to hand out porn, but rather the primary purpose is to get people to come talk to us so we can get our message out. We want to spread atheism and bring it more to the spotlight. We offer another alternative to people who might not fit in anywhere else.”

If that’s true, a few questions for Mr. Bush and his fellow mockers:
  • If the point isn’t to hand out porn, then why are they handing out porn?
  • If they want an actual discussion, then why are they acting so offensively?
  • If they die and find out that they’ve been insulting a real God, then what?
Of course, the Atheist Agenda individuals are not the only ones out there perpetuating the theory that there is no god. And some unbelievers handle their religious views very respectfully.

It’s also true that there are obnoxious people within any religion. There are Christians who thrust their spiritual thoughts into any conversation with an appalling lack of tact. There are Jews who look down their nose at anybody who isn’t Jewish. And there are Muslims who go and blow people up in the name of Allah.

(Incidentally, the Atheist Agenda accepts Qurans for porn as well, which might not be the brightest move considering what Muslim groups have done to far lesser slights.)

But what other religious group is known for going out of its way to mock the opposition? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any. And that has to say something…

Something like: If mockery is one of their (collective) primary tools, then their platform isn’t much to stand on.

Especially not in the face of eternity.

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