Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Passes Followed by Snowstorm

So apparently yesterday was Earth Day, something I’ve only now become aware of. But now that I’m cognizant of that fascinating fact, I have a few words to say on the subject:

Blah blah blah, chirp chirp, beep beep.

Ok, they’re not really bonafide words (though Windows’ spellcheck seems to recognize them as such, not that that says anything), more like expressions of disgust. This begs the question of why I’m taking such a callous attitude towards something that allegedly keeps people up at night in fits of nerves and fear for the future?

The answer, however, is really quite simple: Because right now, along the East Coast, it’s snowing. In late April. Which it normally doesn’t do this time of year and which it really shouldn’t do if the earth is heating up like so-called scientists say it is.

And let’s face it: It’s really difficult to take much of anything seriously – especially an utter joke – when you’re freezing cold.

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