Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fattest Nation on Earth

Contrary to popular belief, America is not the fattest nation on earth.

That undesirable title goes to Qatar, which incidentally is also the richest nation on earth. Apparently a full half of adults there are considered obese, while 17% of the population in general suffers from diabetes.

19-year-old Hassan Tiaz told Atlantic magazine that the country’s obesity problem is “because in Qatar, we just sit, smoke and eat junk food. There’s not too much work. Everything is automatic and most of us just sit in air-conditioned offices and cars. Everything is done for us.”

Adds MailOnline: “The nation also suffers from a high rate of birth defects and genetic disorders – which experts put down to the custom of inter-marriage between close family members and cousins.”

America, on the other hand, records just a third of its adults as obese and 8% as diabetic. (And our practically non-existent examples of intermarriage-related birth defects are even more impressive!).

So the next time some Occupy Wall Street airhead type starts yapping about America being the fattest nation on Earth due to its backwards capitalist ways, you can happily point out their ignorance… and then cordially invite them to move their protests to Qatar instead.

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