Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GSA Officials Office Excuse for Wasting Taxpayer Money in Las Vegas: I Didn’t Know

Yahoo! News is running a story on the GSA spending scandal today that is so short it’s really more of a snippet than an article. Fortunately, that suits me just fine since I’m feeling rather lazy this morning myself.

So without further ado, here it is…

     Fired GSA official: planned to pay for party

     A fired General Services Administration official says he didn't know 
     taxpayers would be billed $1,960 for a party in his luxury suite at a Las 
     Vegas resort.

     Robert Peck said Tuesday he had paid for some food out of his own 
     pocket and was surprised when additional food arrived — eventually 
     paid for by taxpayers.

     The agency's new leadership has demanded the amount be repaid and Peck 
     said he would do so.

     Peck testified before the House Transportation Committee on the second day 
     of hearings into excessive spending at the agency's Las Vegas conference in 
     October 2010 and on other travel.

     He was fired as Public Buildings Commissioner after the inspector general 
     reported some $823,000 was spent at the conference in violation of agency 

Personally, I’m disappointed in his excuse. As a government official, I feel as if Peck could have done a lot better. Even alien possessions or dogs eating homework would mark an improvement to the atrociously mundane (and all-around tired) "I didn't know."

The next time the Washington in-crowd gets caught behaving like they always do (i.e. badly), I expect a much more creative explanation. If I’m going to be swindled by the people charged with representing me, they at least owe me a laugh or two.

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