Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Foreign Spies Really Appreciate the American Education System

On April 8, Bloomberg broke a story about foreign spies’ renewed interest in infiltrating American institutions of higher education.

The article cites the case of Michigan State University, which has a satellite campus in Dubai. In 2009, that arm was in desperate need of a cash infusion when a local company with a number of Iranian investors offered to come to the rescue.

Finding the proposal suspicious, school president Lou Anna K. Simon contacted the CIA, which couldn’t confirm that the Dubai-based business wasn’t a front for Iran’s government. So Simon (surprisingly) did the responsible and patriotic thing and turned the offer down.

Bloomberg continues: “Hearkening back to Cold War anxieties, growing signs of spying on U.S. universities are alarming national security officials. As schools become more global in their locations and student populations, their culture of openness and international collaboration makes them increasingly vulnerable to theft of research conducted for the government and industry.”

It’s probably not inaccurate to cite the world’s growing interconnectivity as one reason why unfriendly foreign powers find it so easy to utilize universities in their machinations. But let’s face it: The general dumbing down of American education doesn’t hurt their cause either.

Bloomberg might feel better calling this phenomenon a “culture of openness.” Yet it’s much more aptly described as a culture of mindless acceptance, one that involves as little genuine thought process and as much good-old fashioned brainwashing as possible.

How else can Harvard Law School justify its new “Understanding Obama” course, which focuses “on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader?”

Please somebody tell me what the intellectual point is in taking a college course of a still-standing president? Isn’t that what the news and personal powers of observation are for?

And in the case of President Obama, why not just take a course on Marxist theory? Because having one course for each is just pointlessly repetitive.

Considering the predominance of hard left-leaning faculty members with their anti-American opinions on just about every college campus in the U.S., it’s no wonder that foreign entities find the U.S. education system so helpful…

It’s the perfect breeding ground to gain acceptance into American culture while simultaneously serving as excellent sources of recruitment.

Regardless of the ultimate purpose of spies’ visits to U.S. universities, it’s safe to say a decent half of their work is done before they even get there… courtesy of America’s own educators.

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