Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bill Ackman Declares: “We’re Ultimately Animals Motivated by Sex”

This morning, I turned to Business Insider after the Drudge Report failed to deliver any news stories I particularly cared about.

Sure, there was MSNBC host Chris Hayes’ apology for saying he was “uncomfortable” about calling fallen soldiers “heroes.” But I figure that my fellow conservative bloggers have addressed that subject enough, leaving me very little to say on the matter.

Hayes was wrong. He was stupid. He apologized. Moving on.

That’s why I instead found an article about the highly successful hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman, who believes that “We’re ultimately animals motivated by sex.” He speculates that, “People don’t like to admit it but it’s the primal driver.”

If that’s true, that’s incredibly sad.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I think that sex is a very important motivator and intrinsic part of life. However, the most important part? Seriously?

What about God? Or family? Or personal pride? Or dreams and goals? Or mutual respect?

But apparently not. Apparently, sex is all that we are and the highest thing that we can achieve.

Boiled down so basically (albeit erroneously), life seems rather pointless, considering how little sex humans – even the most lusty, lucky co-eds out there – actually achieve in the end.

Essentially, it is far too fleeting an activity to base an effective and lasting worldview or identity on. Yet, even so, there’s no denying that people do try to do just that all the same.

It’s the kind of focus that has led to our society crumbling around us, with 12-year olds getting pregnant, fathers abandoning their children in order to more freely get their kicks, mothers focusing more on sexual fulfillment than raising their children right, STDs, and the mass debasing of femininity.

And that’s not to mention the intellectual toll it has taken. When sex becomes the only thing worth achieving, intelligence goes out the window just about as fast as basic morality and common decency.

With all due respect to Bill Ackman (which doesn’t appear to be very much), he is very, very wrong. Human beings were never designed to be animals; we are created to be a complicated and beautiful mixture of physicality, spirituality, emotions and intellect.

Try to take one away, and we instantly lose out. America is living proof of that today.

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