Friday, May 11, 2012

CBS Condones Chris Rock Calling Cameron Diaz a “Whore”

Big baby and so-called comedian Chris Rock called Cameron Diaz a whore the other day at the New York premiere of their shared movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

The name calling happened when the much more famous (and probably better paid) Diaz showed up on the scene in the middle of Rock’s interview. Obviously a bit annoyed at the attention shifted away from him, he goes on to call his costar a “whore” at least twice to a bunch of media personnel, who all proceeded to laugh the comments off as if they were nothing at all.

That’s because, according to CBS News, it apparently doesn’t mean anything if a man calls a woman a whore (unless of course, that man happens to be Republican, in which case it’s automatically misogynistic and deplorable). The propaganda agency assures us that, “of course, it was all in good fun. Just moments later, the two were chummy in front of the flashing lights,” and titles its video clip of the encounter “Chris Rock drops ‘funny’ F-bomb on Cameron Diaz.”

Yeah, CBS, that’s hysterical. Sexist language and overinflated egos always are though, right?


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