Thursday, May 24, 2012

In a Liberal World…

In a liberal world, down is up, backwards is forwards and sheer stupidity is utterly brilliant.

This isn’t news of course, considering that there’s enough reliable data on the subject to rival the law of gravity. But it’s still worth pointing out when so many people somehow still fail to understand it.

First on today’s list is the standard liberal line to just “be yourself,” just as long as “yourself” is homosexual, black or female. Not so much, however, for the obese. ABC’s Good Morning America took a line right out of Michelle Obama’s playbook by favorably portraying the latest high-cost fat camp, which forces kids onto strict diets, grueling exercise routines and severely restricted phone time (a mere 10 minutes with their parents twice a week).

Next up, we have the green movement or, more specifically, global warming. The subject is so important to the likes of the Black Eyed Peas’ that he arrived at an Oxford University climate change debate in his own private helicopter. Judging by the picture of the massively-sized aircraft, it’s state-of-the-art expensive, not to mention a major gas guzzler.

But liberals don’t care when they break their own ridiculously restrictive rules; only when anybody else does. Their behavior is always above board, even when it’s blatantly not. This includes misogyny, a term they’ll lob at Republicans for blinking wrong around a woman. But a fellow liberal like Hustler's Larry Flynt can publish highly offensive photoshopped pictures of conservative women like S.E. Cupp and it’s just no big deal. As Cupp herself commented, “They have… this belief system that my political views, my being pro-life… make this kind of behavior OK. It justifies it and I essentially deserve it.”

Incidentally, speaking of women, it’s liberals who produce nitwits such as Lauren Odes, a New Jersey woman trying to claim wrongful termination at her job when she really got fired for dressing too provocatively too many times. I thought feminism was supposed to push women to great heights, not to pathetic lows?

But low is like totally the new high. And driving the country off of a fiscal cliff is really a highly coveted form of fiscal responsibility. Just ask President Obama, who congratulated himself at a re-election campaign fundraiser in Denver, Colorado the other day for keeping federal spending in check. He, of course, didn’t mention Obamacare, an expense that will skyrocket the national deficit in years to come. And failed crony capitalism ventures such as Solyndra didn’t make it into the speech either.

Honestly clearly means about as much as common sense does to Obama and his pals. But that’s a liberal living in a liberal world for you. And knowing liberals, they’ll give us even more examples of their anti-logical outlook on life soon enough.
Stay tuned…

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