Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let’s Get the Issue of Who President Obama Is and Isn’t Straight Once and for All

According to Newsweek this month, Obama is the “First Gay President.”

Except, of course, that he isn’t.

Nor is he the “First Female President,” as Martin Linski wrote during the 2008 campaign and the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker echoed in 2010. Similarly, New York magazine, AFP and Geraldo Rivera all respectively got it wrong too, since Obama isn’t “The First Jewish President,” the “first Asian-American president,” or the “first Hispanic president” either.

(Incidentally, thank you to The Atlantic Wire for compiling all those titles, complete with amazingly snarky commentary.)

Obama is the first black president. That’s it. And that’s more than enough for a solid mention in U.S. history books.

Just because he says he supports gay marriage doesn’t make him gay. Just because he talks about women issues doesn’t make him female. Just because he’s sat down with the Israeli Prime Minster once or twice doesn’t make him Jewish. Just because he’s done something – Anything? – with Asia doesn’t make him Asian-American. And just because he’s made a few speeches in support of the DREAM Act doesn’t make him Hispanic.

Artistic license only goes so far, and the liberal media with its desperation to make Obama all things for all voters left those natural bounds a very, very long time ago. Really, it’s high time we all stop with the silly semantics and call Obama what he really is…

An extremely poor electorate choice.

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