Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Impression of Yesterday’s Yale University Commencement Speech

Just yesterday, I had the privilege of seeing one of my dearest friends graduate from one of the prestigious Yale University’s graduate programs with her Nurse Practitioner’s certification.

That was amazing, and I am so proud of her for all of her accomplishments. What wasn’t so amazing, however, was the commencement speaker at her academic field-specific graduation ceremony.

Because it was set up to recognize just the nursing graduates, the speaker was naturally a nurse herself and, I believe, a member of the faculty. This woman seemed very nice and very dedicated.

She also seemed like an idiot of the first degree.

Her speech was titled something along the lines of “being the change,” but she seemed to focus the first half of it on her own accomplishments alone. While she didn’t come across as particularly arrogant – only passionate – she still wasted the attendees’ time by rattling off one personal triumph after another with little if any connection to the larger message that she was supposedly trying to convey.

Aside from her general lack of cohesion – or central theme in general – she also made some rather ridiculous and preposterously presumptuous political statements including:

“And we’re all breathlessly awaiting the Supreme Court verdict on the healthcare mandate.”


“Yes, we can!”

This was not a political rally: It was a celebration of individuals… Individuals whom the speaker mindlessly assumed fit neatly into a single demographic, thereby attempting to strip them of their individuality altogether.

Considering where I was, I wasn’t surprised by her lack of intellectual consideration. Most universities are bastions of liberal idiocy, after all, and Yale – for all of its prestige and impressive history – is just as bad as the rest of them in that regard, if not worse. Though I do have to say I was a little startled that a Yale professor and commencement speaker couldn’t string her thoughts together a little more coherently.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. The speaker was quite obviously the product of the American education system, a liberal propaganda machine that churns out good, liberal clones who honestly seem to believe that, if it’s liberal, it’s automatically intelligent.

Judging by just yesterday’s Yale University commencement speech, however, nothing can be further from the truth.

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