Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Liberal Coworkers Want Conservative Women to Shut Up or Die

Sometimes, listening to my coworkers is painful.

No, actually, I take that back. Listening to my coworkers is almost always painful. In fact, it’s a rare and blessed day when they’re not spouting something stupid in stupid frat boy/ valley girl tones, looking all pleased with themselves as they stroke their egos and assure each other that their opinions are actually worth anything.

Right now, I’m listening to them discuss how stupid Sarah Palin is and how it would be better (I believe the exact term was “for the greater good”) if she just died.

This callously violent statement begs the question of why. Why Sarah Palin? Out of all of the people in the U.S. and the larger world, why her? Would the world really be a better place if she was dead? And if so, how and why?

Sarah Palin isn’t out there dragging people off of trains by their hair and stealing their cell phones like the teenage thugs in New York. She isn’t vandalizing other people’s property to make a political statement like the Occupy Wall Street movement in Seattle. She isn’t repressing freedom of speech and threatening people with physical harm if they dare to express a different opinion like the Chinese government.

But she is existing. And that is enough to earn her the death penalty in the average ignorant liberal mind.

She’s existing as a conservative woman with conservative ideals who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And that, in this liberal society, is unacceptably reprehensible.

Women are clearly meant instead to toe the Democrat party line without any expression of individual thought, to submit to abortions so that men can have less consequences to their sexual conquests, to agree that we’re all equal so that men can treat us like trash, and to shut up and nod whenever liberal notions are spouted so that our country can continue deteriorating.

I’m so sorry that conservative women don’t do that to suit the completely unrealistic ideas of a liberal utopia.

Now get over it.

Because we’re not changing anytime soon.

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