Thursday, May 31, 2012

President Obama Ignores Poland to Tend Shop at Store.BarackObama.Com

President Obama is making it very clear that he doesn’t feel the need to issue an official, Poland-approved apology to the European nation for how he accidentally called a Nazi concentration site a “Polish death camp.”

This just happens to be something Poland is very touchy about, as we’re finding out firsthand.

Yesterday, I touched on the international incident that arose, expressing my uncertainty that it was such a big deal in the first place while still pointing out that this latest embarrassment couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

But while Poland is agape at his gaffe and I’m on the fence about it, President Obama seems completely nonplussed judging by White House spokesman Jay Carney’s insistence that the administration “regret[s] the misstatement, but that is what it was.”

Translation: Get over it, Poland.

One has to wonder whether Obama would be so dismissive if the country he had offended was, say, Middle Eastern or Muslim-dominated.

Then again, maybe that’s unfair speculation. Maybe the President is just really, really busy right now working on his Store.BarackObama.Com site, which features LGBT t-shirts proudly pronouncing “I’m Out For Obama” and cat collars claiming “I Meow For Michelle.”

It’s understandable that he has to stoop to such drastic, capitalistic tactics to raise any money. Judging by continuing polls and re-election rally turnouts, his base is either severely depressed or severely apathetic.

MoveOn’s desperate appeal to its membership base is just the latest example of how Barack just ain’t cuttin’ it no more with the American people.

Begging everyone to donate at least $5, the liberal lobbyist group explained in an email that it just doesn’t have enough money to simultaneously support Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in Massachusetts, Obama’s reelection attempt, and the recall vote to depose Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

“It’s like picking which of your kids you love the most,” the email read. “I just can’t do it. If we can’t increase our budget, we might have to dramatically scale back or pull the plug on some of MoveOn’s most important election efforts this year.”

Considering how misbehaved most of MoveOn’s “kids” are though, it might be best for everyone if they all get one giant time out in the corner or maybe a good old fashioned spanking.

That way, they’ll learn that they have to think about people outside of themselves every once in a while… and the rest of us can enjoy a better, brat-free environment in the future.

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