Tuesday, July 31, 2012

English Police Arrest Citizen for Insensitive Tweet at Olympian Tom Daley

In the 2008 Summer Olympics, host country China had its share of controversy over its female gymnasts’ ages. (This year, there are doping accusations after one of its female swimmers broke the men’s record.)

In 2010, host country Canada was mocked up and down for its lack of preparedness on its ski slopes, along with its shoddy barriers, bad sportsmanship and faulty Olympic torch lighting.

Now it’s England’s turn to screw up the enormously complicated event, as evidenced by the potential of certain Brits (i.e. the Scots and the Welsh) booing the national anthem, and the widespread ticket fiasco still playing out.

I understand why people are up in arms about the latter. Obviously, England could have handled it better. But in my opinion, those missteps pale in comparison to its handling of the little brat who tweeted at one of his country’s divers: “You let your dad down i hope you know that.”

The Olympian in question, England’s 18-year-old Tom Daley, lost his father to brain cancer just last year.

So clearly, that was a horribly insensitive thing to say. And the perpetrator, who goes by the Twitter name “Rileyy69,” deserves some serious public censure for his lack of basic human sympathy, which incidentally is exactly what he’s getting.

But now British authorities are taking action. According to the United Kingdom’s Telegraph:

“Dorset Police yesterday confirmed it was investigating the incident.

“A spokeswoman said: ‘Regarding tweets to @tomdaley1994 – we are aware of the issue and we are actively looking into it.’

“She added today: ‘A 17-year-old man was arrested by Dorset Police officers in the early hours this morning at a guesthouse in the Weymouth area on suspicion of malicious communications.”

“Malicious communications?” Is it just me or does that sound very much like a charge levied under Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Ahmadinejad’s Iran or some other evil statist empire?

Again, Rileyy69 is an immature and thoughtless little brat who probably didn’t get spanked nearly enough as a child. And Tom Daley had every right to single him out by re-tweeting the comment, exposing Rileyy69 to immediate national and international censure.

However, arresting anybody for merely making unkind statements is dangerously draconian. With this kind of precedent set, some sort of Shariah law doesn’t seem that far away for the once free and great nation that was England.

Monday, July 30, 2012

President Obama Wavered Four Times on Whether to Kill Osama bin Laden or Not

After being away in Ireland for the past week and a half, there’s something to be said about coming home, even if it is to the monotony of regular life. Then again, there’s also something to be said about ignoring all of the political and social chaos happening in the U.S. for the past week and a half.

And chaos there has been, of course. I didn’t expect anything different with Obama in charge.

Speaking of our significantly-less-than-perfect president, it looks like that call to kill Osama bin Laden – You know, the one that OBAMA made based on HIS good judgment, making HIM a hero for killing off a vicious killer? – might not have been quite so timely or decisive.

According to Richard Miniter’s new book, “Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors who Decide for Him,” Obama actually canceled the hit in January, February and March of 2011… all based off senior advisor Valerie Jarrett’s counsel. On top of that, he even delayed the order a fourth time before the hit actually took place.

I suppose that it’s good to know that President Obama actually does question his decisions every once in a while. It’d just be nice if it wasn’t about something as obvious as killing a mass murdering mastermind.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

President Obama Has a Rough Road Ahead of Him Until the Elections

Due to technical and other issues, this is my last blog for about a week and a half. So I’m going to leave everybody on a positive note…

Thanks to Breitbart.com, we have access to some interesting polling, which indicates that this isn’t even close to the shut out Obama win the mainstream media wants you to think. This is what the website reported:

“Purple Strategy has just released polls in four crucial swings states: Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. Best of all, unlike most pollsters, Purple Strategy offers the tighter and more reliable screen of Likely Voters, as opposed to Registered Voters or simply, Adults.

“The bottom line in this data is that Obama is just barely ahead in three states, under 50 against Romney in all four, and has an upside down approval rating in all.

“There's cold comfort for Barack Obama in these numbers.

“An incumbent under 50 and with a job approval nowhere near 50, is in real trouble.”

Apparently, in Ohio, 49% of likely voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance while only 46% approve. Obama still leads there as a voting choice, but only 48% to 45%… and there’s still plenty of time for people to change their minds.

In Florida, 43% approve of the President’s work this far and 54% disapprove, giving Mitt Romney a voting edge of 48% to 45%.

In Colorado, citizens are barely more satisfied, with 45% giving Obama approval and 51% disliking his doings. There, Obama has a mere one point lead, at 45% to 44%.

And in Virginia, it’s about the same. 45% approve and 50% disapprove, while 46% say they’ll vote for him and 44% plan to choose Romney.

That might not be very encouraging considering that Obama is still leading in three out of four of the swing states, but Breitbart’s John Nolte continues by explaining that: “Nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics average, Obama is stuck at 46.6%, only two points ahead of Romney. Obama's job approval averages out to a weak 47% – where it's been forever now.

“If you look at RCP's poll of state polls, Romney is GAINING on Obama in these swing states, not falling farther behind.”

So cheer up! We still have a fighting chance... so what are we waiting for?

Monday, July 16, 2012

President Obama Steals Elizabeth Warren’s Line That Individuals Aren’t All That

President Obama seems to be unabashedly ripping off controversial Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren’s line that individuals really aren’t all that important. While campaigning in Roanoke, Virginia, this is what he had to say (transcript courtesy of the Washington Times):

“Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own… I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there.  It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something – there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the internet so that all the companies could make money off the internet.

“The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together...”

Now President Obama is correct in noting that we don’t live in a vacuum. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to at least a few people – parents, teachers, friends, mentors – for the opportunities we’ve received and the accomplishments we’ve achieved because of those opportunities.

However, that doesn’t mean we owe them money for their non-contractual helping hands. And it certainly doesn’t mean we owe the government for what they did for us.

But let’s throw reality to the wind and say that Elizabeth Warren and the President are right. Let’s say that we should be keeping score of who owes who what in every single case possible…

Personally, that means I owe my parents tens of thousands of dollars, since they raised, fed, clothed and home schooled me. Then there are the employers and college professors I’ve had, and the public and private workers who have ensured my life runs smoother than it otherwise might, all of whom Warren and Obama also think merit payment.

Of course, those other people already got paid for what they did, which means my debt to them is either small or non-existent. In addition, I should have some money coming to me for all of the ways I’ve helped my friends, my family and the homeless people I’ve bought food for in the past.

How do I calculate all of that, considering all of the different values and factors involved? Better yet, how does the government calculate that?

The answer is simple: It can’t. And even more importantly, it shouldn’t… especially not when “the rich” President Obama and his fellow liberals are targeting have already paid a huge debt to society through the businesses they run, the jobs they offer and the personal commerce they engage in with the money they make.

Who knows? Maybe when the tabs are all calculated, maybe we owe them something!

What it comes down to is this: Government can’t put a monetary price on life and living, no matter how hard it tries. And anytime that it says it can do that, it’s grossly mistaken or flat-out lying.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vice Presidential Debates: Joe Biden Versus Condoleezza Rice?

Right now, the political world is all abuzz with rumors that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is somewhere near the top of Mitt Romney’s potential vice presidential running mate list.

Some cynical people might say that’s just because she’s black. And a woman. Simply a move to counter President Obama’s supposed edge as a minority.

And those cynical people might be partially right. But even if they are, that’s not to say that Condoleezza Rice would be a bad pick.

The woman positively radiates intelligence, class and leadership skills. And, as she showed in an interview with Katie Couric, she can hold her own in a debate. Couric, for all of her many faults, isn’t a stupid woman by nature, and she’s a skilled presenter with the added benefits any interviewer has over an interviewee.

Yet Rice still mopped the floor with her. Better yet, the former Secretary of State somehow managed to do it in a way that was never deliberately or blatantly disrespectful. Rice never lost her cool; she only calmly, articulately and repeatedly pointed out the flaws in her opponent’s logic.

Condoleezza Rice may or may not end up being Mitt Romney’s running mate. But considering all of her assets, it’s still worthwhile to imagine her standing up against current Vice President Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate.

If Rice can take someone like Couric head-on and emerge the clear and victorious winner, it’s hard to imagine her not running circles around the gaffe-prone, buffoon-like Joe Biden…

And it’s just as difficult not to get a good laugh at the thought.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Even the Democrats Don’t Really Want to Soak the Rich… They Just Like Saying They Do

Oh this is rich!

Like devil’s food cake rich. Or Scrooge McDuck rich. Or… Well, you get the picture…

It seems that President Obama and the Democrats really don’t want what they say they want. Their constant demands for fiscal responsibility (i.e. raising taxes) and Republican cooperation (i.e. Republican servility) have all been just a smokescreen.

That shows in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s latest political ploy, which amounted to proposing they all actually vote on Obama’s plan of raising income taxes on everyone earning $250,000 or more. The President, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of their ilk have been demanding that “the rich” pay their “fair share” of national expenses (i.e. shoulder even more of the brunt of government’s irresponsible spending habits) for quite some time now.

And McConnell finally stopped trying to reason with them.

“My recommendation is we give the president what he asked for,” he declared. And in so doing, he issued a challenge to the opposition: Shut up or put your money where your mouth is.

Ben Shapiro explains on Breitbart: “The strategy for McConnell and Republicans is simple: they want to show Americans that even Democrats recognize that the Bush tax cuts ought to be extended for all Americans. And Democrats want to avoid that vote, so they can continue posturing and conducting class warfare.”

But Democrats are notoriously bad at putting their money where their mouth is, a fact that McConnell fully recognized when he made the dare. So it certainly came as no surprise to him when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his band flat-out refused to do any such thing.

That’s not to say that they backed off of their talking points though. Reid still put all of the blame on Republicans, who he says have done nothing but “divert and deny and obstruct.”

McConnell couldn’t have expected anything else. But the example still serves a valuable lesson nonetheless…

Raising taxes on anybody, especially in a bad economy, isn’t going to do a bit of good. And even the Democrats know it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Flops

Good news everybody! There still is hope for America today!

As of Sunday, at least, Katy Perry’s documentary “Part of Me” was bombing in the box-office.

Katy Perry, the boobies-baring, I-Kissed-a-California-Girl bimbo does very well on the radio. Flip around any given set of secular music stations and you’re bound to catch one of her hit songs playing, from “E.T.” – which involves her begging some alien man to abduct her because she wants to “be a victim” – to “Last Friday Night” and its blatant encouragement to get drunk, disorderly and essentially act like a whore.

Sorry for the vulgar language, but there’s really no reason to tap dance around her intellectually vacant lyrics or the decadent, morally absent, dignity-deficient lifestyle she upholds through her “art.” It is what it is and Katy Perry is what she is. And sadly, what she is – or at least what she’s actively and purposely portraying herself as – isn’t anything special.

There’s nothing special about stooping to the level of air-headed immaturity that she strives for every day. And it’s only a shame that her music, concerts and general persona don’t bomb as badly as her movie is.

Katy Perry is the death knoll of feminism, intellectuality and class all in one easy-on-the-eyes figure.

So any time that her brand of meaninglessness flops, it’s a victory – no matter how small – for America.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maryland Is Represented by Economic Ignoramuses

My state of Maryland is a great example of why higher taxes typically aren’t such a great idea.

According to “anti-tax group” Change Maryland – as reported by CNBC,  typically a bastion of liberal leftist propaganda – some 31,000 residents left the state between 2007 and 2010 due to Governor Martin O’Malley’s “millionaire’s tax,” which mandates a 6.25% rate on residents making an annual income of $1 million or more.

In all, the charge allegedly cost Maryland $1.7 billion in lost tax revenue.

In other words, it placed further financial burdens on the people and simultaneously didn’t do the government any fiscal good. A classic lose-lose situation.

Apparently, “in total, Maryland has added 24 new taxes or fees in recent years” and “Florida, which has no income-tax, has been a large recipient of Maryland’s exiled wealth.”

You’d think this kind of information, complete with supporting studies, would clue in liberals like Maryland’s U.S. Representative and Senate Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. Yet apparently it doesn’t have the slightest effect on their willful ignorance, since he not only “support[s] the president’s level” in heaping higher taxes on those making $250,000 or more a year, but also “would be prepared to go lower at some time in the future” when it comes to taxing other income brackets more heavily.

It’s not fair to place all the blame on the politicians, though, when Maryland is overrun with such economic ignoramuses only because it consistently elects and reelects liberals who couldn’t properly manage a seasonal snow cone shack, much less a government office with its numerous real and assumed responsibilities.

So if politicians like Martin O’Malley at the state level and Steny Hoyer at the federal level actually represent a majority of their constituents, it seems safe to say that the majority of Maryland constituents are about as ignorant as they come.

And it seems even safer to conclude that the people who vote for such oppressive taxers deserve to be taxed out of prosperity.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Republican Governors Beat out the New Democrats for Employment Increases

Republicans certainly aren’t perfect. But they do seem to have a definitive edge on Democrats when it comes to economic policy. (And marital fidelity, and logic and patriotism and…)

Back in 2010, individual states placed their votes for governor, and many of them saw new faces in office as a result. Some of this was due to previous governors choosing not to run again and some of it was due to sitting politicians being ousted.

Out of the lot, seventeen states voted in new Republicans and eight voted in new Democrats. Two years later, the results (courtesy of Examiner.com) seem to speak for themselves.

Of those who voted in new Republican governors: 
  • Kansas’ unemployment decreased 0.8%
  • Maine’s unemployment decreased 0.6%
  • Michigan’s unemployment decreased 2.4%
  • New Mexico’s unemployment decreased 1.0%
  • Oklahoma’s unemployment decreased 1.4%
  • Pennsylvania’s unemployment decreased 0.6%
  • Tennessee’s unemployment decreased 1.6%
  • Wisconsin’s unemployment decreased 0.9%
  • Wyoming’s unemployment decreased 1.1%
  • Alabama’s unemployment decreased 1.9%
  • Georgia’s unemployment decreased 1.2%
  • South Carolina’s unemployment decreased 1.5%
  • South Dakota’s unemployment decreased 0.7%
  • Florida’s unemployment decreased 2.3%
  • Nevada’s unemployment decreased 2.2%
  • Iowa’s unemployment decreased 1.0%
  • Ohio’s unemployment decreased 1.7%

 And of those who voted in new Democrat Governors:
  • Colorado’s unemployment decreased 0.7%
  • New York’s unemployment increased 0.4%
  • Oregon’s unemployment decreased 1.5%
  • California’s unemployment decreased 1.3%
  • Connecticut’s unemployment decreased 1.5%
  • Hawaii’s unemployment decreased 0.4%
  • Minnesota’s unemployment decreased 1.2%
  • Vermont’s unemployment decreased 1.4% 

All told, that makes an average drop of 1.35% for Team Republican and 0.95% for Team Democrat. It also seems perfectly relevant to note that there wasn’t a single new Republican governor that presided over an unemployment increase – unlike New York – and there wasn’t a single new Democrat governor that presided over an employment increase greater than 1.5%, unlike six of their political rivals.

Without further study into the bigger picture in each case (including whether they had matching majorities in their state legislators and whether they were actually following typical conservative or liberal economic plans), it’s impossible to say definitively whether the results highlighted above prove that Republicans handle the economy better than Democrats.

But what can be said is that, one way or the other, the Democrats have some obvious catching up to do. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Representative Allen West Sets His Sights on Obamacare

Other than the utterly miserable June jobs report that came out this morning – giving even further proof that the President Obama just isn’t working out for this country – it’s a pretty slow news day.

So I’m just going to refer to a Washington Times article published on July 3. It’s a short text, but well worth the read:

West: Forget Fireworks, Let’s Mandate Firearms

“While speaking at a campaign rally in Florida, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) mocked politicians who use taxation as a means of regulating behavior (the most recent example being the tax [not a penalty] on Americans who don’t want to participate in ‘Obamacare’).

“‘What will be next? If you don’t buy a certain type of green car, they will tax you. If you don’t buy a certain type of food, they will tax you,’ Rep. West said.

“‘Well, I got a great idea: I believe for personal security, every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm. And if you don’t do it, we’ll tax you. Now, I wonder how the liberals will feel about that one,’ he added.”

Well liberals, what do you think? Wanna argue that one?

Considering your last move, it won’t be nearly as easy as you might think.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chris Rock Mocks Independence Day while Obamacare Strips Away What Independence We Have Left

Yesterday – July 4th – was America’s birthday, our commemoration of the day we publicly pronounced our independence from British rule, which we deemed unlawfully invasive.

From that day forward, brave men and women sacrificed their comfort, their property, their families and their very lives to make this country free and respected. Yet today, too few of us have any real understanding of what they gave up… or what we have as a result.

Too many of us consider Independence Day just another holiday, a day free from work, where we can sleep in late, pig out on hotdogs and hamburgers, and ooh and ah over firework displays. Even worse, there are Americans like “comedian” Chris Rock, who tweeted “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks”

It’s true that the Founding Fathers weren’t perfect. Many of them owned slaves, some of them cheated on their wives, and some of them were too focused on grabbing power for themselves. Yet even so, their actions those centuries ago still deserve respect and thanks, not censure.

They gave us a country capable of morphing into the greatest nation in the world, a nation where people have the right to vote without fear of intimidation, where we can use our intelligence and individuality to forge our own paths, and where we can look forward to a better future instead of one stagnant with oppression and hopelessness.

At least we used to have all that.

Thanks to voters such as Chris Rock – men and women who have no concept of how privileged they really are, who choose their allegiances based on emotions rather than wisdom, and who look at the world through shattered, murky lenses – this great nation of ours is failing. Miserably.

It is their brand of willful ignorance and bigotry that paved the way for Obamacare, which forces government into people’s private lives. Just one indication of how the healthcare mandate is designed to service government instead of serve citizens are the 1,300-plus pages of regulations the IRS is currently sorting through.

Those regulations will not only curtail our liberties but increase our taxes at the same time.

Technically, we still live in a free country, especially since much of Obamacare won’t be implemented for another year or two. But our independence is in great jeopardy even now, as too many of our elected leaders continuously look for more ways to trample all over our rights.

Chris Rock wants to talk about slavery? If we’re not careful, we’re going to see something very close to mass economic slavery in the U.S. in a matter of a decade or two. Maybe less.

Independence Day already means too little to too many Americans. And now it’s at risk of meaning nothing at all.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Charlie Rangel Pulls Democrat Election Tactics on Fellow Democrat Adriano Espaillat

Everybody knows that the Democrats play dirty when it comes to elections, intimidating voters, filling out forms for cartoon characters, dead people, illegal immigrants and family pets.

But usually they do that when there’s a Republican in the race, not when it’s Democrat vs. Democrat.

It seems, however, that the liberal left is really just in it for itself. Forget the whole “There’s no I in team” theory; when push comes to shove, they’ll just rewrite the word to “TEIM” and say that’s how it’s always been spelled.

That certainly showed during the final Obamacare vote, when certain Blue Dog Democrats admitted that they were voting for the law against their better judgment but in order to keep their jobs. It was either vote against their common sense and conscience, they said, or have Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party pull all funding away from them.

More recently, President Obama himself told his fellow Democrats that there just wasn’t enough campaign donations to spread around. He’ll be needing it all, so they can go take care of themselves.

Now State Senator Adriano Espaillat is accusing U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel of doctoring their recent primary vote in New York City.

The long-sitting Rangel was brought up on 13 counts of ethics rules violations in 2010 and convicted of 11. Not that anything really came out of it, except that Espaillat seized the opportunity to advance his own career through the scandal.

At first count late last month, the primary vote seemed to indicate that Rangel still had it with his constituents, who apparently didn’t care that their representative repeatedly abused the power they granted him for his own selfish purposes. Espaillat even initially conceded, though not for very long.

Today, he’s throwing around accusations of voter suppression, particularly pertaining to the Hispanic communities he was doing best in. And let’s face it, he’s probably not wrong.

After all, Charlie Rangel was found guilty of skirting Harlem zoning laws, withholding hundreds of thousands from his financial disclosure report, and avoiding taxes on the income his rental properties in the Dominican Republic were bringing in.

That’s precisely the kind of person who would deliberately and maliciously interfere with elections to rig the outcome in his favor.
He is, after all, a Democrat politician.

Monday, July 2, 2012

President Obama Is Slacking off Again

This late into President Obama’s first term, it feels rather repetitive to point out that he’s a slacker who cares more about himself than his constituents. Between his vacations, golfing outings and increasing fundraisers, one has to wonder how he ever got the chance to ram so many destructive policies – from Obamacare to the stimulus packages and beyond – down America’s throat.

Clearly, he’s multitalented. Either that or he just has so many people on his payroll that there’s really nothing left for him to do other than make a speech every now and again.

The rest of the time is free to hob knob with the hoity toity types who have so much money they don’t recognize the shape of the larger economy.

Last month, for example, the President held 33 fundraisers… which adds up to more than one per day. Incidentally, it’s also over eight times what Obama’s successor – the evil President George W. Bush – committed to in June 2004, according to White House Dossier’s veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler.

He continues:

“Bush did only four fundraisers in June 2004 and by the end of the month had attended 82 since the start of his campaign in 2003, less than half the 172 Obama has done since he filed for reelection in April 2011.

“Obama’s aggressive fundraising runs up a large bill for taxpayers, who must foot many of the exorbitant costs of presidential travel, though a portion is paid for by the Obama campaign.”

But that’s what we get when we elect a narcissist. And that’s what we’ll get more of if we reelect him in November.