Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chris Rock Mocks Independence Day while Obamacare Strips Away What Independence We Have Left

Yesterday – July 4th – was America’s birthday, our commemoration of the day we publicly pronounced our independence from British rule, which we deemed unlawfully invasive.

From that day forward, brave men and women sacrificed their comfort, their property, their families and their very lives to make this country free and respected. Yet today, too few of us have any real understanding of what they gave up… or what we have as a result.

Too many of us consider Independence Day just another holiday, a day free from work, where we can sleep in late, pig out on hotdogs and hamburgers, and ooh and ah over firework displays. Even worse, there are Americans like “comedian” Chris Rock, who tweeted “Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks”

It’s true that the Founding Fathers weren’t perfect. Many of them owned slaves, some of them cheated on their wives, and some of them were too focused on grabbing power for themselves. Yet even so, their actions those centuries ago still deserve respect and thanks, not censure.

They gave us a country capable of morphing into the greatest nation in the world, a nation where people have the right to vote without fear of intimidation, where we can use our intelligence and individuality to forge our own paths, and where we can look forward to a better future instead of one stagnant with oppression and hopelessness.

At least we used to have all that.

Thanks to voters such as Chris Rock – men and women who have no concept of how privileged they really are, who choose their allegiances based on emotions rather than wisdom, and who look at the world through shattered, murky lenses – this great nation of ours is failing. Miserably.

It is their brand of willful ignorance and bigotry that paved the way for Obamacare, which forces government into people’s private lives. Just one indication of how the healthcare mandate is designed to service government instead of serve citizens are the 1,300-plus pages of regulations the IRS is currently sorting through.

Those regulations will not only curtail our liberties but increase our taxes at the same time.

Technically, we still live in a free country, especially since much of Obamacare won’t be implemented for another year or two. But our independence is in great jeopardy even now, as too many of our elected leaders continuously look for more ways to trample all over our rights.

Chris Rock wants to talk about slavery? If we’re not careful, we’re going to see something very close to mass economic slavery in the U.S. in a matter of a decade or two. Maybe less.

Independence Day already means too little to too many Americans. And now it’s at risk of meaning nothing at all.

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