Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” Flops

Good news everybody! There still is hope for America today!

As of Sunday, at least, Katy Perry’s documentary “Part of Me” was bombing in the box-office.

Katy Perry, the boobies-baring, I-Kissed-a-California-Girl bimbo does very well on the radio. Flip around any given set of secular music stations and you’re bound to catch one of her hit songs playing, from “E.T.” – which involves her begging some alien man to abduct her because she wants to “be a victim” – to “Last Friday Night” and its blatant encouragement to get drunk, disorderly and essentially act like a whore.

Sorry for the vulgar language, but there’s really no reason to tap dance around her intellectually vacant lyrics or the decadent, morally absent, dignity-deficient lifestyle she upholds through her “art.” It is what it is and Katy Perry is what she is. And sadly, what she is – or at least what she’s actively and purposely portraying herself as – isn’t anything special.

There’s nothing special about stooping to the level of air-headed immaturity that she strives for every day. And it’s only a shame that her music, concerts and general persona don’t bomb as badly as her movie is.

Katy Perry is the death knoll of feminism, intellectuality and class all in one easy-on-the-eyes figure.

So any time that her brand of meaninglessness flops, it’s a victory – no matter how small – for America.

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