Tuesday, July 17, 2012

President Obama Has a Rough Road Ahead of Him Until the Elections

Due to technical and other issues, this is my last blog for about a week and a half. So I’m going to leave everybody on a positive note…

Thanks to Breitbart.com, we have access to some interesting polling, which indicates that this isn’t even close to the shut out Obama win the mainstream media wants you to think. This is what the website reported:

“Purple Strategy has just released polls in four crucial swings states: Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. Best of all, unlike most pollsters, Purple Strategy offers the tighter and more reliable screen of Likely Voters, as opposed to Registered Voters or simply, Adults.

“The bottom line in this data is that Obama is just barely ahead in three states, under 50 against Romney in all four, and has an upside down approval rating in all.

“There's cold comfort for Barack Obama in these numbers.

“An incumbent under 50 and with a job approval nowhere near 50, is in real trouble.”

Apparently, in Ohio, 49% of likely voters disapprove of Obama’s job performance while only 46% approve. Obama still leads there as a voting choice, but only 48% to 45%… and there’s still plenty of time for people to change their minds.

In Florida, 43% approve of the President’s work this far and 54% disapprove, giving Mitt Romney a voting edge of 48% to 45%.

In Colorado, citizens are barely more satisfied, with 45% giving Obama approval and 51% disliking his doings. There, Obama has a mere one point lead, at 45% to 44%.

And in Virginia, it’s about the same. 45% approve and 50% disapprove, while 46% say they’ll vote for him and 44% plan to choose Romney.

That might not be very encouraging considering that Obama is still leading in three out of four of the swing states, but Breitbart’s John Nolte continues by explaining that: “Nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics average, Obama is stuck at 46.6%, only two points ahead of Romney. Obama's job approval averages out to a weak 47% – where it's been forever now.

“If you look at RCP's poll of state polls, Romney is GAINING on Obama in these swing states, not falling farther behind.”

So cheer up! We still have a fighting chance... so what are we waiting for?

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